BB – Incubator @ Posh 11/30/20

Apologies for the delay. Been a hectic week. Stick Up was in need of a Q and I was happy to jump in and lead. Because it was 37 degrees and rainy, I wanted to keep the PAX as dry as possible so I called an audible and we did most of our WO under the overpass near Beckley Station.


11/30/20 The Incubator @ Posh
Stick Up
Deep Dish
Nice and Slow
Bob Ross
Backflop (Q)

Disclaimer – I’m not a professional, I can’t believe I’m out here in the cold ass rain, you will be dry for the most part, you’re here on your own freewill/accord, and modify as necessary.

COP – 20x SSH IC, 10x GG IC, 10x Toy Soldiers IC, downward dog and stuff, Quad stretches

We mosied about 1/2 mile over to the get under the overpass.

The Main THANG –

Complete 3 exercises and then run as fast as you can to the top of the hill and back to the under cover of the overpass. Then 3 more exercises then run again to the top of the hill and back. Rinse/repeat. However we did all exercises as a collective PAX and most of them IC. Lastly, I instructed the PAX, before the exercises started, to grab their own rock coupon (there are a ton of 20-30lb rocks that line the side of the road near the overpass). Here is a list of exercises.

First group of 3 exercises

30x weighted squats single count, 30x Merkins single count, 30x plank Jacks IC, then run

Second group of exercises

30x Mountain climbers IC, 30x overhead press single count, 30x coupon flutter kicks IC, then run

Third group of exercises

30x curls single count, 30x coupon swings single count, 30x bent over rows single count, then run

Fourth group of exercises

30x big boys single count, 30x elf on a shelf (15x each side) OYO, 30x American Hammers IC, then run

Fifth group of exercises

30x Rosalitas IC, 30x LBC’s IC, 30x lunges OYO (15x each leg), then run

Sixth group of exercises

10x burpees OYO, 30x skull crushers single count, 30x Halos IC (15x each side), then final run

Last group of exercises

30x pickle pounders IC, 30x monkey humpers IC, 10x more BOYOS

Run back to the flag. Jewel started to push the pace. I couldn’t let this garden guy beat me so I jumped out in front and then here comes Nice and Slow to push me. We ran toe to toe back to the flag. Thanks for the push Jewel and N&S.

We had 2 minutes left on the clock before time was called and we did 20x more SSH IC, then stretched our legs and arms.

COR, NOR, COT – I thanked all the pax for coming out in the freaking cold rain, true HIMs! I prayed us out. Always great to lead in any weather conditions because I know I’ll be surrounded by men who want to get better and that push me to get better.


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