Preblast- The Nest at the County – 10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q

It was a cold morning (about 37 degrees) so running would be the focus. I left the house a few minutes early only to find a train rolling through Pewee Valley. No worries as this one looked to be moving quickly and cleared before the starting time. When I arrived there were others already parked and out on a longer 10 mile black ops run (Patty, Captain Crunchberries and Harry Caray). I think Patty was trying to avoid Jolly Rancher who is still looking for that Excel password to the Bourbon Chase time tracking file (IYKYK). Patty did an awesome job organizing the event. I think he may have been a project manager in his prior life.

Provided the disclaimer and a note that would be asking pax [Leprehaun, Gisele, Panel Van, Jolly Rancher, Dauber, Pelican, Backflop, and Meter Maid (Q)] what goals they had coming up. It was optional but they could be thinking about it in advance. I did make a mistake of not separating Dauber and Pelican early on.

After the COP boondoggle with 8 pax, we began the Pewee Valley loop. I would stop at various locations for the letters spelling CHASE. At stop one, we did 20 Carolina dry docks. Stop 2 we did 20 Hand release merkins. Then, we started the deep exicon portion that concluded with Alligator merkins, San Antonio shuffle and Empty wheelbarrow.

There was still time remaining as we got close to competing the loop. Stops for 20 dips near the Caboose. Then, did a one minute wall sit. As we rounded the bend, Captain Crunchberries drove past us and stopped for a few seconds. YHC asked him about exchange 1. For those who didn’t do the bourbon chase, BigBird completed his first run but the van 1 arrived 12 minutes late. It was all part of the experience. I would encourage those who enjoy running to think about next year. Naperville had 7 teams out there.

Then as we entered the County parking lot, I explained that sleep was difficult to get during the bourbon Chase. One unnamed pax during the event slept in downtown Danville and another high school. In recognition of their efforts, we did 5 prisoner get ups. Dauber still has his ability to get up fast.

There was a few minutes to complete Mary. Started with flutter kicks IC, left only flutter kicks IC and right only flutter kicks IC. Some of the pax may still need to learn what “only” means-lol. Then, did preacher sits ups on my up until time was called.

After COR and NOR, mentioned the Convergence at the County on 10/29. The 10/21 star ruck with Focker will no longer have the camping component. Many pax shared their upcoming goals including a 50k trail race, multiple mini marathons and Philmont. Remember to let others know your goals to help keep yourself accountable. For intentions, we lifted up prayers for Panel Van’s dad. Concluded with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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