Christmas Caroling Ruck – Back Blast 12/8/2018

Weather – 28 degrees. Mild Wind.  58% humidity.

5 PAX and a 2.0  – Huggies(Q), Chestnut, Fungi, Plumb Bob, Miyagi

Chestnut brought his daughter along.  She carried a 10 lb ruck sack and was ahead of us almost the whole time.  Very impressive.

CC ruck group photo

This month’s #RuckClubCallout was a caroling ruck.  We had to ruck at least 2 miles while going door to door singing Christmas carols.  We had a short amount of time to get this thing organized, as this month they were only giving out 200 patches and it’s first come first serve.  Fungi was helpful in coming up with a plan.  We settled on the Fox Run and Woodmont neighborhoods, as we both knew some residents who, hopefully, wouldn’t throw food at us while we sang.

We met at the New Song Church on Old Henry Rd. at 6:30 pm and headed over through the back entrance to Fox Run.  Our first stop was my brother and sister-in-law’s home where my wife and kids were also hanging out waiting for me to get his thing done.  The families watched and listened on the front porch while we belted out what I think some would recognize as “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” while others would recognize as a dying cat.  Anyway, a shot of bourbon later and we were on our way.

Next stop was across the street where this poor family had to listen to our nails on a chalkboard rendition of “Oh Holy Night”.  Man, hitting that high note is hard.

We continued on to a random home that seemed to be having a Christmas party.  We thought “wouldn’t they want to be serenaded?”  We knocked on the door and, sure enough, they invited us all into their warm toasty home to listen to us sing “Rucking around the Christmas Tree” and “Hark the Herold Angels Sing”.  We wanted to stick around for the party but we just couldn’t deprive the rest of the neighborhood of our angelic voices.

On we went to Fungi’s friends home where his wife and daughters were at a birthday party.  They invited us in and offered us cookies.  Nice folks.  It was great to meet Mrs. Fungi.

Our next stop was another random home where a Mom and her teenage daughters listened delightfully as we sang another round “Of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”.  They then decided to show us up with “Joy to the World”  They totally out-classed us.

We walked on over to Woodmont and hit up one more house.  It was then getting late and lights started to go off so we headed on back to the church for COT.  Out total mileage was 3.52, well beyond the two mile minimum.  Let’s hope we earned that patch.

CC ruck mileage


Count o rama, Name o rama .

Announcements – December Ruck, Christmas Eve burpee challenge at North Posh, 2018 Awards Banquet January 25th at Saints.

Intentions – Double Down for a speedy recover.  Friends and family dealing with cancer


This was truly a blast.  More fun than I ever thought.  Can’t wait until next time.

Huggies out


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