Belated Backblast The County 4/9

QIC: Porkchop

Pax:Fergie, Airplane, Bullitin (R), Uncle Rico, Cowboy, Crockpot, Valdez, Giselle, Abacus, Mudbug, Wildflower, Iceman (R), Double Down (R), Stormtrooper, Fungi, Porckchop, Red Wagon, Ladybird (R)


I prepared a lovely weinke until I learned the O and the Mutt had special beatdown planned.  Not to be left out I quickly changed the weinke.


Started with a quick COP.  50 SSH IC, 25 Imperial Walkers IC, 10 grass grabbers IC, Downward dog, and Kendra Newmans.

Explained the plan:

100 burpees

Run 1 mile

50 burpees

Run 1 mile.

Thats it.  Brutal but simple.


Strong effort out of the group.  Valdez et al completed some Mary while awaiting for the groups.  Finished with a circle of Howling Monkeys.  Everyone holding their ankles while we took turns pumping out 10 monkey humpers.  Never let go of the ankles.


Ended with COT.  Intentions were given.  Thanked the men for a good start to the day and a challenge to be better men for others.

As the cars were leaving I noticed Giselle was back to running.  He stated, “If I can’t get done in 45 minutes Ill never get done in 30.”  Strong work.



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