6.6.19 Extender BB: Charles says…. Sweat.

PAX: Digiorno, Zima, Buschhhh, GlenRoss, OldBay, Face, Blueprint, Zoolander, Juicy, SunoPump, Wham-o, Fridge, Geppetto, Zartan(Q)

Conditions: 66* and perfectly humid.

Gearlander- 5.5 inch inseam black Brooks shorts, dry fit shirt, Altra kicks and tac hat.

Today marked my 2yr Gloomiversary and as I went to write my PreBlast I figured I don’t have to always make things about me. So did a 180 and shared with everyone that today in 1998 was the premier of Sex in the City. While this subterfuge may have upset Zoo, it was the perfect ruse to keep the PAX off balance for Charles.

Lap around school to warm up. I asked Buschhhhh before the workout if he could be a dick and kick the cones I had set up and he obliged. Thanks buddy.


Kendra Newman


Abe Vs


Thang- Charles Bronson

Partner up for accountability. Start with 50 SSH each (partner can help complete for 100 total if need be. Thanks again Buschhhhh) Sprint 100ish yards, Bear Crawl 10 yards and mosey back to start. Rinse and repeat with 50 merkin, 50 Burpees, 50 LBCs and 50 Jump Squats.

Everyone crushed this but TClaps to OldBay and Fridge. I saw you.

5 min Coupon Tabata (1 minute AMRAP)

Incline Merkin



Overhead Press

C Squat

Lap around school.

Mary Tabata* sane format as above

Big Boy

Gas Pump

American Hammer


Phiffer kicks on my count

*this sucked way worse then I thought it would. Sorry not sorry.

COR, NOR and COT. Love this group.


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