4.23.19 BoW PreBlast: Beginning… again.

65 years ago on April 23st, Hank Aaron hit his first of 755 home runs. It was the beginning of his hall of fame career and it started with a single donger (RR).

Two years later he was won the National League hitting title and then a couple years later the MVP.

Point here is that greatness takes time. It starts with a dedication to get better and a commitment to push yourself. There will inevitability be ups and downs but persistence will pay off in the long run.

Tomorrow for some it will be the continuation of their journey to get better. For others it may be the beginning. Either way, we will get after it in the gloom with aspirations of creating a better self. F3 enables us to improve our health, our friendships/family and our underlying faith in something greater than ourselves.

Added bonus is the weather looks nice so I will probably play some terrible music throughout the WO.


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