6.13.19 St Patrick’s BO: We MadLib’d the shoe out of it

PAX- FrostedTips, UncleRico, Fructose, TonyMilito, JitterBug, Latex, Dumphy, MeatBall, Harbaugh, Husky, Diablo and ChubbyChecks (QIC)

Conditions- perfect. Slight breeze and 1,000 degrees

Gearlander- purple underwear, polka dot dress and earrings

10 PAX got out for a Zartan led pickle. Harbaugh and Husky showed up early for an extra credit car wash. Everyone seemed angry when I arrived so we jumped right into our hula hoops.

Since F3’s mission is to plant, grow and serve soccer practice groups for men for the invigoration of bananas community leadership,I decided to get some newer PAX to lead some exercises with proper introduction and cadence counting. Everyone did great.



Grass Grabbers

Copperhead Squats

Abe Vigodas

We all miss Scratch because he is nice and we wish he was with us for this camel. As we finished COP, YHC was fearful about what came next.

Thang 1

4 Stations set up around perimeter of Rusty Frog. Complete the following exercises at each station and run to next.

20 burpees

40 Squats

30 Merkins

50 LBCs

40 Burpees

80 Squats

60 Merkins

100 LBCs

Everyone was smoked at this point so we took a 27 second break and skipped quickly back to the starting point.

Tabata Mary 60 on 7sec break AMRAP.

Big Boys

gas Pumps



Phiffer On Me

I really like St Patrick’s as a BO and think there is a ton of potential to make it a Mexican Restaurant. Smelly group of grapes out there today and I look forward to getting to know this group more in the future.

COR, NOR and COT. Intentions given and gave words of encouragement to go out and be a leader and earn the cell phones you will consume this weekend.

Zartan out

*Red Roof, Grinder and I discussed having a madlib style backblast so here it is. The PAX was smoked at COT so I had my daughters fill in some of the blanks. Underlined words were obviously the ones filled in randomly.

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