BB: The Extender 6.13.19. Kegs and Eggs with Buschhhh

Q: Buschhhh

Pax: 15. DiGirono, Mouth, Tiger, Juicey, Fridge, Duece, McAfee, Tureen, Old Bay, Geppetto, Larry Flint, Blue Print, Cooter, Rih Rih.

@Zoo- in Vegas still looking for his Gear, I gave him the pardon. My Gear – White Claw DriFit and some nike 18″. Zoo-York Socks.

Weather: Perfect

So I signed up to Q this morning because @Zima caught me at a weak moment. After the fact, I noticed some guys specifically @Glen Ross @Zartan were also Q’n. I can usually depend on these guys to show up at my Q or guilt them with free beer. Nonetheless my competitive asshole nature encouraged me to promote my Q and “kick the cones” of my fellow pax scheduled Q’s.. For this I do apologize. To @Pope who jumped ship and did not show- I DO NOT apologize and have made note! Shame! Shame! Shame!

After a few OG texts with little HCs I was forced to a sleepless night pondering the numbers Mr Field Day/Notary would get at the O. I now know I should have shined my bat signal south- to The Vets and East to the County.

Nonetheless the 15pax I rolled with this morning are some of the best to start a morning off right.

Contrary to what folks might have envisioned, out intial mosey around school and reflection path was the bulk of the running.

This morning was for arms and shoulders.

After a few basic Warm Ups we were on to Thang 1: Farmer Carry two Kegs around the Ministry Building behind HT. Only caveat have to walk the back steps. This was killer!

Rest of Pax: 100 Presses, 75 curls, 50 OH Presses until failure and then complete number with Big Boys.

Side note: @Mouth and @Tiger remind me of myself in 5th grade. I always needed to be separated from the rest because I didn’t stop talking. They don’t get out to too many HDHH so they make up for their 2rdF during a w/o. Love these two Cathy’s!

Thing 2: I should have know sitting at my counter last night when I went over this next part in my head to try and understand, that at 6a 15 Pax thirsting for a beer we’re going to be as easily confused. The jist: sprint to cone 1: Bear crawl with slim keg rolling under your shins to cone 2. Lunge Walk with 1/4 keg to cone 3. Farmer Carry both big kegs to partner and then repeats through entire group. Others sprinted to middle with 10 Boyo Merkins. Sprint back for 25 LBCs. R&R until your turn with kegs. We got about 97% completed.

We circled up. Announcing Capture the F*AG ruck. I thanked the group for forcing me to Q. It’s a kink in my amour for sure and am committed to do more of…. next quarter. Special thanks to Sky Q

and then the pax starred at my for about 30seconds.. very uncomfortable. They were waiting on a cup from a keg or a cold 12oz… and nothing…. no beer, no hard seltzer, no new craft to try. They left disappointed, regretful they didn’t go to St Patrick’s or The O. I cried and started writing this!

Buschhhh out

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