6/13/2019 Temple of Gloom BackBlast

Pax: (21) Pope, Plumb Bob, Nugget, Jeter (FNG), Dorothy (FNG), Green Wave (FNG), Pixar, HoBo, Tammy Faye Baker, Headboard, Butcher, Lobsta (FNG), Face, Vincent (Respect), Wham!, Violet, Dixie (FNG), Sadie, SumpPump, Carlos’e, Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions:  Perfect.  I had the same Q last year and it was 76* and humid AF

As I mentioned in the preblast, free notary services would be moving to the Temple of Gloom for one day and man did it bring out a crowd.  Also, on a side note it was nice to see 4 mutters leading across the gloom today.  

I had 2 old weinke’s that I was planning on using and wanted to wait and see how many posted before deciding which one to go with.  Ultimately, with the 5 FNGs I decided to go with a 3rd option and roll out some of the things that we did on my first time out 2 years ago at the Temple of Gloom.

 5:30—disclaimer and mosey’d over to tennis court for quick warm up

20 SSH/ 20 Imperial Walkers/ 20 Mountain Climbers/ 10 Merkins and ended with 10 Bobby Wagners (combination of mountain climber and merkin)

Count off into 1’s and 2’s and head over to field for some partner coupon work.  Partner 1 would AMRAP Flutter kick bench presses up to 125 as a team while other partner ran 30 yards to do 10 gorilla squats.  Switch until team gets in 125

Next we did 175 curls—with Bobby Hurleys at opposite end. 

 Thang 2:  Leave the park for Cogan’s court.  At the top all Pax knockout 75 LBCs, then run down to the bottom for 75 gas pumps.  While waiting for the 6—plank or watch Vincent do merkins.

Next we moseyed over to the bridge for 20 dips/ 20 derkins/ 20 incline merkins.  Still no name for this old bridge, but short on time we had to leave.  Last before exiting the park we bear crawled up Cogans court and re-entered the park for cool down/ mary

Hit up the coupons one more time—same thing as we did before but lowered the team number to 100 for both the flutter kick bench press and curls.  Ended with Mary—20 gas pumps/ 20 LBCs/ 20 American Hammers/ 20 Roseys/ 20 Freddie Mercs and 10 single count big boys.

Mosey’d back to the flag for COT:

Name-o-rama:  5 FNGs was going to take some time but always fun naming an FNG. 

Jeter:  He’s a huge Mets fan so we went with Jeter (could have also gone with Strawberry, Doc or Coke) 

Dorothy:  He’s from Kansas

Green Wave:  He mentioned he’s from Tulsa—SumpPump thought he said Tulane so we went with  Green Wave (again 5 guys so we had to keep this moving)

Lobsta:  He’s from Maine (got this one from Pope)

Dixie:  He’s from PRP/ Dixie Highway  (this one took the most time, assist goes to Wham! for Dixie)

Site Q/ Violet was busy afterward getting emails and getting them all set-up on slack.  Welcome out guys! 

Intentions and closing prayer

Enjoyed this one as I modified a bit and wanted to share some of the things we did on my first post out with the FNGs—brought back some great memories.  





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