Rucktoberfest PreBlast: October Ruck Event 10.18.19

Not too toot our own horn but last year this event won every possible award available for F3Louisville Rucking events.

This year we plan to up the ante and really stack the pot with so much loot you will be floored when you finish this event.

When:Oct 18th at 730pm

Where: Holy Trinity Parish School

Who: All men looking for a beer down, I mean beatdown

Why: Because that’s what we do

What: The best damn Rucking event of the year.

If you want to be apart of the Rucking event that defines Rucking the register below by September 15th (this Sunday). You can register later but you will miss out on some seriously cool swag including a long sleeve custom F3Louisville Rucktoberfest tee.

Unlike last year, this Ruck is going to test not only your ability to put in miles but also collaborate as a team to achieve an objective. More challenges, more team work and more ounces await anyone willing to step up.

Cost is $25 which will get you a sweet tee, 5 humongous beers and more fun than you have had since…. well since last years event.

Hit up Buschhhhhh and I for any questions and register here,

Time is limited. Space is not. Let’s go.


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