3.26.19 BoW Back Blast: Forgot to remember

PAX: Digorno, Tammy Faye Baker, Huggies, Penny, ShipLap, Flo Jo, Vincent (R), Diablo, Wham!, GlenRoss, Joanna Gaines, ValPak, MadCow, Zoolander, Buschhhhh, Tron, Gillispie, Violet, Zartan (Q)

Conditions: About 30 degrees and clear as can be

Gearlander: NB Minimus, LuLu shorts, Nike tee and tac hat.  oh and a F3 ascot.

Been awhile since I Q’d at the O and my merkin abilities have been dwindling.  So we all got to do some practice today.

Here is what went down.

Disclaimer given, no FNGs and we were off with 17 PAX towards the basketball courts.

Upon arriving we circled up for COP


20 IW IC

20 merkins IC

Couple other normal COP type exercises I think

Moseyed to big parking lot for Merkin Nickels.  5 merkins and run to far end. 10 merkins and run back. 15 and run and 20 and run.  Lunge walk while waiting for 6.

Moseyed back to tennis courts (basketball court) for a very large merkin time bomb.  Some how we picked up Violet and Zoo and now we had 19.  This time bomb sucked bad.

We then lined up on the sidelines and did lunge walks across and back the courts.  Then broad jumps across and back.  I feel like we did some more merkins like 10 IC but the birthday bourbon is trying to disagree. Oh well.

Actually ran back to tennis courts time grabbing 10 coupons as we got there.

Partner work on the courts.

P1 did ManMakers while P2 ran to 4th court and back.  Switch and repeat.

P1 did curls while P2 while P2 did marios to 3rd court and back. Switch and repeat.

P1 did bench press while P2 did karaoke’s to 2nd court and back. Switch and Repeat.

P1 did over head press while P2 bear crawled to 1st court and back.  Switch and Repeat.

2 lap around all the courts on the inside of the fence.  Qs instructions must have been hazy as there was some debate here.

Back to the coupons with P1 doing over head presses while P2 ran to 4th court.  Switch and repeat….. and to be honest Wham! was right and I forgot the rest of the the next 3 sets but we did them all the same.  Probably similar to the first set but different.

Circled up for Mary.

20 Flutter IC

20 Big Boys on me

20 American Hammers IC (almost died)

20 Box cutters IC

20 RosaDora’s IC

20 Gas Pumps IC

10 or 15 Fluters IC (smoked at this point)

10 Big Boys

And Fin.  we dropped coupons and headed to COT.   COR, NOR and some announcements.  Lots going on in the world of F3 Louisville and its a damn good thing we have slack and a website.  I believe we discussed the AO olympics and charity drive, tomorrows Mental Health WOs, another cool thing and that other great initiative.  Quick intentions and encouragement to go out and do the next right thing.  Oh and also pointed out that I strive in odd years so watch out Z is back (at least in theory) .

Love this group.  Always humbled.  Feel blessed.

Z out



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