PAX – Alexa, Viking, Bulletin, Crockpot, WILDflower.


SSH 40 IC, Grassgrabbers 15 IC, mountain climbers 20 IC, DDOG into scorpion for quick stretch, flutter kicks 25 IC (to engage the core)

Thang – partnered up

Partner WIDE merkins….one partner planked while the other did 25 wide merkins with feet on partner’s back…then switch

Leg throw downs – Partner 1 squatted while throwing Partner 2’s legs down…really engaging the core! (25 reps)…then switch

Squats/pull ups – Partner one assisted Partner 2 with 25 pull ups, while squatting on the way down…then switch

Tri-extensions/pulse squat – Partner one did tri-extensions (20 each side) on hands and knees with dumbells while Partner 2 pulse squatted…then switch

dumbell row/pulse squat – Partner one did rows on hands/knees with dumbbells (15 each side) while Partner 2 pulse squatted…switch

did all this 2x…..with the second time around “to failure” on all exercises….substituted gorilla humpers for pulse squats toward the end.

on into a lil Yoga work…what we called “pigeon” and “drunken Superman”

merry – LBC’s on your own, pickle pounders 20 IC, j-lo’s on your own, flutter kicks 20 IC, gas pumps on your own.

COT – It was a pleasure leading the PAX this morning for #F3MENTALBATTLE

I encourage the PAX to lift up their friends and family who are struggling with a mental illness and to be the “IRON” for them in this time of need.

WILDflower out.



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