5.5.18 BB The Hurt: Cinco de Derby

Pax: Digiorno, SumpPump, BackDraft, Airplane, Scratch, Tiger, Condenser (DR), Lil’ Sweet FNG, Julep FNG, Zartan Conditions: raining but perfect temp. Gearlander: no see em socks , NB Minimus, LuLu Shorts, Baselayer Tee, TacHat with IronHorse Patch Earlier in the week I noticed that the Hurt was missing a Q for Derby and Cinco de Mayo.Continue reading “5.5.18 BB The Hurt: Cinco de Derby”

Hurt PreBlast for Cinco de Mayo and Derby

Amigos, tomorrow we will punch a horse in the face. Not really. I don’t condone animal cruelty or violence for that matter. So in reality tomorrow we will start strong and finish stronger. Come out and earn all the food and booze you are sure to consume throughout the course of the day. Bring aContinue reading “Hurt PreBlast for Cinco de Mayo and Derby”

Club Paradise 4.4.18 BB: Doesn’t everyone vacation with coupons?

Lots to share today so let’s jump in. Let’s jump back a few days to before we left Louisville for Florida. I had a conversation with the M that went something like this. M: Is that all you are going to pack? Me: what else do I need? So I like F3 a little bit.Continue reading “Club Paradise 4.4.18 BB: Doesn’t everyone vacation with coupons?”

3.26.18 Incubator BB: Let’s Get Physical

PAX: StarChild, Gravedigger, Nino, Huggies, PewPew, Methane, Brokeback, DoubleDown(R), Wham!, RedRoof, LittleJerry(R), BobRoss, Dynomite!, Captain Insane-o, Diablo, Snowday, Glaucoma, Snowman, Newman, Gypsy, Kilo, OJ, Mr Hat, Boozer, Zartan (QIC) Conditions: mid 40’s maybe. Clear morning Hoping this becomes the new norm. Perfect weather from the Sky-Q for my BDay. Started to drizzle 10 minutes afterContinue reading “3.26.18 Incubator BB: Let’s Get Physical”

3.24.18 Ruck BB: Gloomy with a chance of 3rdF

PAX: Lefteye, Snowman, Pope, Wham!, Zoolander, GlenRoss, Zartan Conditions: 35* and steady rain. Gearlander: Salomon 3DX shoes, smartwool socks, LuLu shorts, Nike dry fit, Patagonia rain jacket, MudGear Tac hat. All black and all wet less my socks and T. YHC was moving slow today. Pulled up to the Mutt at 0612 for a 0615Continue reading “3.24.18 Ruck BB: Gloomy with a chance of 3rdF”

3.21.18 BO Ruck BB: Try on this slushie

YHC threw out a feeler to see who wanted yet another preruck before Zoolander’s Blender Beatdown. Got a few LCs and hit the fartsack last night early. At 0425 the text thread machine fired up and YHC learned I would be Rucking with F3Louisville Royalty. Non other than GlenRoss(Blender Site Q and NC mastermind) andContinue reading “3.21.18 BO Ruck BB: Try on this slushie”

3.20.18 BO Ruck BB: No One Knows

PAX: Diablo, Geppetto, Jordy, GlenRoss, Sump Pump, Zartan (Q) Conditions: feels like 28* with 11 mph wind out of the North (it’s colder up there) Gearlander: Salomon kicks with no see em socks, NorthFace Shorts, Nike tee, Patagonia windbreaker, F3 Louisville ascot, mud gear Tac hat. We often hear guys saying “at F3 we don’tContinue reading “3.20.18 BO Ruck BB: No One Knows”

3.19.18 BO Ruck BB: Master of Puppets

Pax: Geppetto, Jordy, BackDraft, MadCow, Mouth, Diablo, Zartan, OldBay Conditions: 40ish and clear. Gearlander: We all had on normal gear but when Mouth said my simple pants looked like something I would wear to a business meeting I had to smile. Mainly because I did on Wednesday and Friday of last week. Nothing too crazyContinue reading “3.19.18 BO Ruck BB: Master of Puppets”

3.13.18 Carpenter BackBlast: Field Trip to the Zoo

Having been given the opportunity to Q the 2dn WO at our new AO, I wanted to show the PAX all that this gorgeous park had to offer. I had a meinke but wanted to do some further recon to lock it down. So a solo picnic with my SpiderMan lunch box was exactly whatContinue reading “3.13.18 Carpenter BackBlast: Field Trip to the Zoo”

3.13.18 Carpenter PreBlast: bring gloves not sleeves

“I like your sleeves” said no one ever at the Carpenter. Granted tomorrow will be a bit chilly in the low 30’s but sleeves will limit your guns ability to breath and believe me they will be breathing hard tomorrow. So will your legs and quad but midriffs are not recommended. F3 abs are notoriousContinue reading “3.13.18 Carpenter PreBlast: bring gloves not sleeves”

3.2.18 Norton Common BO BB: Back to School. Don’t Triple Lindy

Here at the University of F3Louisville we are all learning and getting better everyday.  As we expand into new areas and bring more FNGs into our ranks, it is critical that we focus on the same basic structure that kept most of us coming back early on.  So the purpose of this lesson was notContinue reading “3.2.18 Norton Common BO BB: Back to School. Don’t Triple Lindy”

3.2.18 Norton Commons BlackOp PreBlast: We are all learnding

Quite down class. And please find your way to a ready position. For tomorrows lesson we will be focusing on the basics. “Q-fessor Zartan, does that mean our shoes will stay dry tomorrow?” No GlenRoss. In my experience I have learned that most people’s feet cry when they do Burpees so your shoes will takeContinue reading “3.2.18 Norton Commons BlackOp PreBlast: We are all learnding”

2.26.18 Ruck BlackOp: 4 miles in the dark

Note the early start time and new location. Going for 4 miles in 60 minutes so plan to move at a good pace. Bring headlamps cause it’s gonna be dark. Who: All HIMs What: 60 minute Ruck When: 2/26 @ 0515 Where: 3805 Brownsboro Rd Louisville, KY 40207 United States Why: better question is whyContinue reading “2.26.18 Ruck BlackOp: 4 miles in the dark”

2.16.18 BlackOp at the Mutt: The Rain will hide your Tears

He saw my weinke. Interpret that how you want. Bottom line is tomorrow’s weather looks beautiful. YHC wants to put in some extra work having been out almost all week so come join in the fun tomorrow at 0530 at The Mutt. It will be a fast paced full body beatdown and we can restContinue reading “2.16.18 BlackOp at the Mutt: The Rain will hide your Tears”

2.6.18 Bag of Wrenches BB: Punkiversary. Do you feel lucky?

YHC was pumped up about Q’n at the O today. It’s called the Original for a reason because that’s where most of our journeys began. Added bonus is Wham!’s killer Bag of Wrenches flag. I am a sucker for Flags #.. Punk music comprised my playlist and I only needed to know one thing fromContinue reading “2.6.18 Bag of Wrenches BB: Punkiversary. Do you feel lucky?”

2.6.18 PreBlast Bag of Wrenches: Not quite an 11 but a strong 10.

You are cordially invited to attend the 10th Anniversary BeatDown Celebration of Zartan and Heartwrencher. And to celebrate 10 years we are going to throw down at The O for Bag of Wrenches. When YHC told the M about this she was none too happy about me naming the work out Bag of Wrenches. SheContinue reading “2.6.18 PreBlast Bag of Wrenches: Not quite an 11 but a strong 10.”

2.4.18 BlackOp BackBlast: This is us, deal with it. Or don’t.

It’s becoming cliche but this group of HIMs continue to impress. Not a week, or day, goes by without someone doing something extraordinary. I could go on but in the spirit of the worlds largest day of network television I will just say this, This is Us. This has become our new norm. This isContinue reading “2.4.18 BlackOp BackBlast: This is us, deal with it. Or don’t.”

2.4.18 BlackOp Westport Middle. Stairway to Heaven

Who: all those looking to earn their Super Bowl (This is Us*) diet What: 45 Min Bootcamp style workout When: 2.4.18 0600 Where: Westport Middle School 8100 Westport Rd. Why: Cause I guess some of us can’t wait until Monday to get better. Weather looks perfect. Bring gloves because some coupons from the Mutt willContinue reading “2.4.18 BlackOp Westport Middle. Stairway to Heaven”

2.10.18 Ruck Training CSAUP Event

Who: All men willing and able to challenge themselves What: Weighted March with PT and physical/leadership challenges. When: 2.10.18 from 9pm-12am(ish) After party at bar optional but there will be a fire burning and beers flowing and that is where endex occurs. Where: Car drop off will be at The Mutt at 845pm. Ride toContinue reading “2.10.18 Ruck Training CSAUP Event”