3.21.18 BO Ruck BB: Try on this slushie

YHC threw out a feeler to see who wanted yet another preruck before Zoolander’s Blender Beatdown. Got a few LCs and hit the fartsack last night early.

At 0425 the text thread machine fired up and YHC learned I would be Rucking with F3Louisville Royalty. Non other than GlenRoss(Blender Site Q and NC mastermind) and Zoolander(today’s Q, tomorrow’s Site Q at Extender and always our fashionista)

GR and I arrived to a slushie and snow covered landscape as we geared up. Knowing Zoo would soon arrive we started toward his normal route to intercept him. This is what we saw as we made our way to the front of the lot.

Zoo carrying the ShovelFlag out side his window as he barreled through the elements. Love this guy. GR hurried to capture this moment. Priceless.

Our pace was slowed by the snow and slush but our 2dnF was fast paced. Can’t express how awesome it is to have a group that shows up day in and day out for each other. We met under one flag in the gloom and as I sit here writing this the parallel between that flag and our group is not lost on me. America and all our states and people come together under one flag to support each other, get better, hold one another accountable and display strength in numbers. Sound familiar? Guess that’s why they call it F3Nation.

Zartan out…. until tomorrow’s preruck.

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