Star Child’s BB- sNOw Day

I am pretty sure every bear woke up yesterday from hibernation, looked at the snow, and pressed snooze. F3 didn’t. We painted the town this gloom in footprints and iced it down in sweat. We kicked today’s ass already. I am humbled by the unstoppable spirit of all the PAX around town, and love reading the shenanigans in the BB. Today, I was the Q at Posh’s #TheBridge, while Zoo took over at La Mutt, and Captain I heated up Veterans Park. Awesome.

Today my goal was to offer the chance to step it up. Oftentimes WOs are maybe a bit easy, or too hard to complete. The result is NOT modification, but the STOP button. I want the STOP button gone. So I offered my PAX the choice of a WO, details to follow.

Gearlander: Salomon Speedcross 3’s kept my feet warm and toasty, highly recommend… GORUCK challenge pants, missing a belt so they fell off. Bironas remembrance shirt (love that guy), and hoorag.

COP- We moseyed on over to COParking lot, where we marked our territory in the snow.

  • 100 SSH- My sig move
  • Star Child Squats
  • Merkins
  • 5 BOYOs
  • Mount Climbers
  • Donkey Kicks

These exercises were all part of the Thang as well. Some hard than others. So we moseyed over to the Egg Lawn. I explained to the PAX:

  • You must continue to move, we are running around the egg lawn. Stopping at each lamp post.
  • You can choose between two exercises at each lamppost, doing one rep of an exercise, then the next do two, then three, up to ten.
  • Since there are 42 lamp posts, we all had 4 exercises, 55 reps in all.
    • Merkins or Burpees
    • SSH or Star Child Squats
    • Mountain Climbers or Donkey Kicks
    • Groiners or Carolina Dry Docks
  • Most chose the harder route, but no credit is given. Everyone kept moving, and I was happy with that!

THen we ran over to the circle parking lot for some partner stuff

  • 1 Marios while 2 lunges
  • 1 Butt kicks while 2 curtsy lunges
  • 1 did something else, and I forgot what 2 did there too. All that was made up to fill time.

Mary Wall

We each cleaned snow off a small knee wall for some MARY. As Nino mentioned, we all need to work on our penis lines for Spring Break. Sitting on the wall provided two uses, only got our ass wet, and isolated our abs, big time. We went through the following twice

  • Gas Pumps
  • Flutters
  • Rosalita
  • American Hammers

That was a wrap!

Announcements: F3DADS IS POSTPONED!!!!

Prayers: Abacus’ wife is doing well, but keep her in your prayers as they are heading in today for one more test. Kilo’s 2.0 is also getting tubes today. Small surgery, but our thoughts and prayers are with her, regardless. Thanks to all who came, either Posh, Mutt, or VP. We win.


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