WHAS11 Backblast

33- Hot Wheels, Abacus, Wham!, Snowday, Valdez, Crash, PK, Uncle Rico, Meatball, Worm, Aerobie, Ice Man, Swifty, Drumroll, Perrier, Kilo, Eastwood, Methane, Weedwacker, Thumbtack, SC, Nino, Snowman, Double Down, Face, Catfish, Coffee Grinder, Milton, Zartan, Red Roof, Chestnut, Sadie, Captain Tiberius Insane-O. Well this is uncomfortable. I planned to Q a Black Ops, showing off […]

Drumroll please…. I made an FNG spill today

My brother (Drumroll– FNG) gave me two awesome gifts for my 40th.  A surprise trip to Tampa for some horrible fishing and great beer, and his first post to an F3 workout.  I am not sure which meant more.   Ryan has supported me through this year, always listening to my stories about F3, and […]