#BlueOps Back Blast- THE AFTER PARTY

PAX- Aerobie, Abacus, McAfee, Alexa, Guppy, Star Child (Q) Well, as we rolled in to Glen Oaks, we noticed we missed the Pool Party this time, as trash was everywhere. Turns out, some hooligans decided to eat whatever leftovers they could find. And as they ate, they decided to watch us swim. They were welcomeContinue reading “#BlueOps Back Blast- THE AFTER PARTY”

Hold On: The O BB to honor #doubledown ⭐️👶

Hold on. Hold on to hope.   Hold on to your faith.   Hold on to your family.   Hold on to your brothers.   Just hold on. These are the words that came to mind as I Qed this morning, as we, the F3 Nation, focused our intentions for our good friend Double Down.  As I am typingContinue reading “Hold On: The O BB to honor #doubledown ⭐️👶”

Ruck Training Back Blast

PAX- Star Child (Q), Crop Duster (fng), Mayberry, Fanny Pack, Huggies, Snowman I love rucking. It’s a great time to banter with the PAX vs. a typical workout which you are attempting to breathe for an hour. So when you blend rucking and working out, well, you can’t breathe, let alone speak. It’s painful andContinue reading “Ruck Training Back Blast”

WHAS11 Backblast

33- Hot Wheels, Abacus, Wham!, Snowday, Valdez, Crash, PK, Uncle Rico, Meatball, Worm, Aerobie, Ice Man, Swifty, Drumroll, Perrier, Kilo, Eastwood, Methane, Weedwacker, Thumbtack, SC, Nino, Snowman, Double Down, Face, Catfish, Coffee Grinder, Milton, Zartan, Red Roof, Chestnut, Sadie, Captain Tiberius Insane-O. Well this is uncomfortable. I planned to Q a Black Ops, showing offContinue reading “WHAS11 Backblast”

Poshlands WHAS11 Black Ops PreBlast

THIS JUST IN. This Thursday, Brooke Hasch with WHAS11 News will be on the scene at Poshland for a special beat down bulletin. Join Star Child as we flex our pex for the big screen. Zartan will be standing by, attempting to explain why Captain Insane-O is microflexing for Tank Top Thursday. Kilo will beContinue reading “Poshlands WHAS11 Black Ops PreBlast”

Star Child shares some Louisville tricks with RVA

Thanks to Captain Insane-O, I can check DRQ off my bucket list! While visiting family in Richmond,VA, I thought it would be fun to visit another AO. And once I shared the idea with CI, he quickly does what he does on Tweeter and viola! I was on the calendar to Q at #TheGridiron! TheContinue reading “Star Child shares some Louisville tricks with RVA”

Drumroll please…. I made an FNG spill today

My brother (Drumroll– FNG) gave me two awesome gifts for my 40th.  A surprise trip to Tampa for some horrible fishing and great beer, and his first post to an F3 workout.  I am not sure which meant more.   Ryan has supported me through this year, always listening to my stories about F3, andContinue reading “Drumroll please…. I made an FNG spill today”

The Rooster Backblast- Star Child’s latest failure

I failed again. But this time, I meant to fail. I meant for everyone to fail. Because we all push ourselves to the point of failure, then again, then again. Sorry to the HIMs that are attempting the 10k Merkin Challenge, because my Q certainly didn’t offer assistance with easy Merkins… Nope, I made theseContinue reading “The Rooster Backblast- Star Child’s latest failure”

I failed the PAX #TheBridge Backblast

Most of the time we post backblasts that inspire, compliment, and encourage anyone who reads them. (All 5 people). This is not that backblast. I think I have to be honest, the 9 PAX didn’t get what they woke up for. An easy workout. I tried something new, something I thought would be challenging. ItContinue reading “I failed the PAX #TheBridge Backblast”

Star Child brings Hurley’s to #BagOfWrenches

I am not sure what I was thinking, but today embarked a Q spree for me.  This is due to my absent mind-ness with a combination of needing to please Captain Insane-O to fill up the calendar.  And after a Nino beatdown at The Silo (yeah, I am trying to name it), I wasn’t sureContinue reading “Star Child brings Hurley’s to #BagOfWrenches”