Star Child shares some Louisville tricks with RVA

Thanks to Captain Insane-O, I can check DRQ off my bucket list! While visiting family in Richmond,VA, I thought it would be fun to visit another AO. And once I shared the idea with CI, he quickly does what he does on Tweeter and viola! I was on the calendar to Q at #TheGridiron!

The fun part was to share some of our tricks we’ve learned or made up over the past year. The big challenge was showing up to a location that I’ve never been. Luckily, CI got me in contact with Atilla, an RVA HIM that answered a few questions:

  • How many PAX post? 5-10
  • Do you use Coupons? What are coupons? (Ah… It’s on! Stopped by Lowe’s and grabbed some)
  • Any hills? No (hmmm… coupon work it is!)

I hoped my cousin would be an FNG that morning but had an injury that kept him out. He knows some of the guys already so hopefully he visits soon!

Since my Q was off the cuff, here’s a quick summary of what I hope they can take away.

PAX: EF Hutton, Attila, Vinny, Johnsonville, White Deer, and Star Child (DR Q)

  • 100 SSH- Yes, my signature COP trick was how we kicked off
  • BOYOS- randomly I yelled out 5BOYOs! They caught on quick!
  • Jack Webb- They haven’t heard of it, and probably thought it was a waste of time until the numbers increased. Then, the PAX loved/hated them.
  • Louisville Honey Pots- I believe I need to credit Diablo for this trick. And RVA liked them as they were a face melter near the end of the hour. Three rounds wiped us all out.
  • J Lows and ARods- RVA is used to Pickle pounders but I don’t believe they know their distant cousins.

More went down by after a 10 hour drive home and cranky 2.0s, this B.B. is intended to say THANKS to the VA PAX that allowed me to Q and make me feel welcome! I had a great time! I also got the chance to do Jerkins, something I’ll take home to my region if we can find the right gear!


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