Back Blast – Nolin Lake Ruck – June 7th

PAX: @Pew Pew, @Flounder, @Gypsy

FNGs: @Tea Party, @Ant, @Kill Switch

For Flounder, Gypsy and me, this was our 2nd Nolin Lake Ruck of the season. Only @Meter Maid wasn’t able to join this weekend. However, we HL’d two new adult FNGs and my FNG son for his first F3 event.

We set out for what I thought would be a ~90 minute course through Moutardier Campground and the trails in Moutardier Bluffs. What I didn’t account for was the 650′ in ascending elevation along the route.

It was an incredibly nice, cool morning–especially after the heat and humidity that hung over the entire July 4th week. No wildlife dangers along the way; but, we all had to be prepared to jump, tuck, and roll on Hwy 259 as the pontoons headed to the boat ramp.

So, 2 hours later we wrapped up a solid 6.3 miles at an 18′ pace–not bad for the unexpected elevation changes!!

I was super proud of my 11 y/o son, Adam. He didn’t complain once and remained as determined as any of us throughout. He even took the lead for a good bit of the route. The PAX named him “Ant” after hearing about his strength in carrying his little sister up a huge hill at Mammoth Cave just to win a bet for a large Blizzard at Dairy Queen! Welcome to F3 @Ant!!

Mike Driscoll became @Tea Party in honor of his two beautiful daughters and his Boston heritage. Despite his excessive love for the Patriots, we couldn’t possibly let him have a name like Patriot, Brady, or Dynasty–although we did consider Farve and Rodgers.

Ryan Lemmenes became @Kill Switch for the hilarious story about how he nearly burned up his new boat on her maiden voyage. The ignition failed and left the starter engaged continuously. Smoke eventually billowed from the engine compartment and out the gunwales. Hilarious–unless it’s your boat, of course!!

We wrapped up in traditional F3 form with Name-o-Rama, Count-o-Rama, and COT. I thanked everyone for the fellowship of the morning and for joining me in introducing my son and lake buddies to F3. Prayers were offered for Vince and @Weedwacker’s family. And then we were off for another day on the water–better and stronger after another great ruck!!

One thought on “Back Blast – Nolin Lake Ruck – June 7th

  1. Nice! I like seeing another Moody-deer Woods guy (Dr Driscoll) out there with you. Way to go man!
    I won’t hold my breath for a Jim sighting 🙂


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