PRE-BLAST; July F3 Ruck Event; 7/14/18 0600 @ Jefferson Memorial Forest


Saturday July 14, 2018

0600 to ~1030 for full 12.5 miles


0600 to ~830 for half 6.5 miles

Jefferson Memorial Forest

11311 Mitchell Hill Road
Fairdale, KY 40118

🚨 Please be sure to arrive a few minutes early.  We will leave the parking lot at 0600.  🚨

This month’s Ruck Event will not be anything fancy. Rather, a good ‘ol fashioned Ruck through one of the area’s more challenging, elevated, but scenic trails. We’ll take down the Siltstone Trail at Jefferson Memorial…. a 12+ mile journey with a total climb of over 3,000 ft. We’ll be climbing and descending over and over again. And like Newton’s Law of Gravity: “What goes up, must come down. Then back up, and back down, and up and down, up, down” [Or something like that]


Be ready for a challenge that will test your legs and overall endurance!


Thanks to Kilo and PK for helping me scout the location this morning!


Please, if you have any questions, find me on slack @Skid.


What to expect


Miles: well cover over 12 miles, which is perfect for anyone preparing for the GoRuck Events on 7/20-21. With that being said,we’re looking at a good 4-4.5 hours to complete this course.

Cardio: While many of our Rucks have been flat courses and relatively light on the cardio, this course will test the heart rate due to the steep grade throughout.

Terrain: in addition to the elevation, the trail is narrow and many areas hang tight to some steep drop-offs. Bring some good shoes to hike in. [PK had a nasty ankle-roll 2 miles in this morning, but he shook it off and just kept rolling.]

Bugs and Ivy: we’re likely to have the usual elements of nature such as ants, wasps, spiders, ticks, poison ivy, etc. I’d suggest bringing bug spray; wear long socks and pants and hat. [Case in point: Kilo took a vicious insect bite in the chest this morning on the trail….. good news is….he got that third nipple he’s always wanted.]

Heat: this morning was amazing, but it’s important to pack plenty of water!


Where to go


I-265 West past I-65

Take Exit 8 toward Fairdale

Turn left off the exit onto National Turnpike

In ~0.5 miles turn right onto Fairdale Road

In ~ 0.8 miles take Mitchell Hill Road

In ~1.5 miles you’ll see the Welcome Center…. Please park in the overflow parking lot across the street.  Follow the sign below.


What to bring



  • Ruck
  • Weight/Ruck plate
  • Water – bladder / bottle
  • Headlamp (may not need this very long)
  • Appropriate hiking clothing – shoes, long socks, pants, hat (see above)



  • extra clothing to change into after the event. Trust me, you’ll be soaked in sweat.
  • Energy source (eg protein bars, GU, electrolytes, etc.)
  • Bug spray




To be incorporated


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