1/7/19 Backblast @ S. Posh

PAX: @PewPew (Q), @DeepDish, @Mr.Kotter, @ScubaSteve, @LadyBird (R), @SweetTart, @Maxi, @Viking. Realizing I failed to post this BB in timely fashion, here’s the Exec Summary: Disclaimer given, then quick mosey to parking lot for warm up. I don’t remember what we did, but I’m guessing some of it was in cadence, and all of itContinue reading “1/7/19 Backblast @ S. Posh”

BB for 1/25/19 Black Ops @ Seneca

PAX: @FloJo, @ScubaSteve, @PewPew (Q), @Facade (FNG) Weather: 11 degrees with 5 degree wind chill. Disclaimer given; FNG welcomed. And we’re off… Warm up: Arm circles, 15 SSH, 15 grass-grabbers, Plank up with alternating calf-stretches, rotating arm stretches pointing to the sky for something that resembled a yoga pose. Note: when looking skyward, one couldn’tContinue reading “BB for 1/25/19 Black Ops @ Seneca”

Back Blast – Nolin Lake Ruck – June 7th

PAX: @Pew Pew, @Flounder, @Gypsy FNGs: @Tea Party, @Ant, @Kill Switch For Flounder, Gypsy and me, this was our 2nd Nolin Lake Ruck of the season. Only @Meter Maid wasn’t able to join this weekend. However, we HL’d two new adult FNGs and my FNG son for his first F3 event. We set out forContinue reading “Back Blast – Nolin Lake Ruck – June 7th”

Pre-blast PewPew VQ #TheIncubator

Tomorrow I pop my Q cherry πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’to kick off VQ week at Posh! Long time since virginal so I’m excited, nervous, and totally unprepared πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›. Yet I have a plan to bring a proper amount of beatdown-ness. You’ll jump to House of Pain, feel the thunder from AC/DC, and scout your enemies with a littleContinue reading “Pre-blast PewPew VQ #TheIncubator”