1/7/19 Backblast @ S. Posh

PAX: @PewPew (Q), @DeepDish, @Mr.Kotter, @ScubaSteve, @LadyBird (R), @SweetTart, @Maxi, @Viking.

Realizing I failed to post this BB in timely fashion, here’s the Exec Summary:

Disclaimer given, then quick mosey to parking lot for warm up. I don’t remember what we did, but I’m guessing some of it was in cadence, and all of it was effective in prepping us for The Thang.

The Thang:

With PAX divided into two groups of four

Group 1: Run around egg lawn (0.7 mile loop) at your own pace, but must finish as a group (leaders circle back to pick up the six).

Group 2: Each PAX, at his own pace, begins a series of 10 Manmakers, sprint ~25 yards to end of parking lot, do 10 single count squats, sprint back to coupon. Rinse and repeat until Group 1 returns.

Groups switch.

Then Groups switch again, only on the second time around the egg lawn each group must take a team coupon along. Goal remains to finish as a group.

After each Group finished its 2nd round around the egg lawn, our time was up!

No chance for Mary, we we moseyed back to the flag for CoT and closed with announcements and intentions.

The End.

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