PAX- Star Child (Q), Crop Duster (fng), Mayberry, Fanny Pack, Huggies, Snowman

I love rucking. It’s a great time to banter with the PAX vs. a typical workout which you are attempting to breathe for an hour. So when you blend rucking and working out, well, you can’t breathe, let alone speak. It’s painful and you feel like an FNG since 30lbs can make a few merkins feel horrible.

This was my first RTQ (ruck training Q), and I attempted to dial it back so we could all get through it. I expected it to be light but there’s no way that can happen with a ruck on your back.

And hats off to Crop Duster, FNG that knowingly posted this gloom for an advanced wo. I hope he continues to post. If you meet this guy, you will laugh. 100% guaranteed. I put him up there with Methane as one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. If they wo together, legendary shit will go down.

COP/thang- Egg Lawn

  • Stop at each light around the loop for 4 sets of exercises, 10 of each.
    • 5 curls
      2 Get ups
      5 Merkins
      5 Squats
  • Thang- mosey over to the fountain and partner up. Partner 1 did step ups while partner two lunged down the walk, air pressed the ruck at the bottom, 10x, then bear crawled to trade with partner 1. Rinse and repeat.
  • Mary- flutter kicks, BBSU, LBCs, repeat
  • ⭐️👶

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