I failed the PAX #TheBridge Backblast

Most of the time we post backblasts that inspire, compliment, and encourage anyone who reads them. (All 5 people). This is not that backblast. I think I have to be honest, the 9 PAX didn’t get what they woke up for. An easy workout. I tried something new, something I thought would be challenging.

It wasn’t. It was a breeze. And I promise not to let it happen again.

I had an idea.  I wanted to mix it up a bit for the Posh, and surprise them with a twist this morning, making everyone carry two .5 liter bottles of water the entire time.  In my head, they would laugh, thinking it was not a lot of weight, then those bottles would be annoying while doing SSH.  Then they would be unbearable when holding straight in front for minutes on end.  Then they would cry.

Everything went just like I planned, up until the point of much pain.  More of a nuisance.

I failed my PAX.

Don’t get me wrong, we all broke a sweat.  Those bottles didn’t make it any easier, but holding onto them limited our options.  No merkins (sorry to the PAX who’s in the Merkin challenge), no burpees, no bear crawls.  Hell, I even told everyone to put their gloves away before the workout.

That said, I will mark this down as a learning lesson, and feel I need to share my thoughts along the way.  In case anyone else is tempted to try something new.  Here is how it went down…

PAX:  Star Child, Grave Digger, Force close, Bobross, Double Down, Gypsy, Little Jerry, Dynomite!, Maxi (FNG), Mr. Hat.

Temp: Perfect 58 degrees and sunny.


–      As noted above everyone grabbed two bottles of water, and was told not to set it down until the WO was over.

–      We moseyed over to a parking lot

o   25 SSH

o   20 Abe Vagodas

o   20 Squats with Curls

o   20 Kendra Newmans

o   20 Air Press

o   100 Air Presses while laying on back

The Thang

–      Mosey over to the bridge for some tag team.  Everyone partnered up.  One partner stayed put and performed a static exercise, while the other did curls while running over to the other side to perform another exercise.

1-    P1 held bottle straight out in front while P2 ran and did 50 Air Presses

2-   P1 held bottles to the side, and P2 ran over and did 50 triceps

3-   P1 held the bottles over their head and P2 ran over and did 50 lateral raises

Rinse and repeat.  Note: This did burn the shoulders a bit, but I was hoping to see some PAIN.   I think everyone felt it, but water bottles are too light for a 45 minute workout.


20 American Hammers

20 Flutter Kicks

20 BBSU with ankle taps

COT:  After that failure of a workout, we circled up around the flag.  It was great to have 10 PAX in the group, as we got a chance to chat with FNG Maxi(pad) for a while.  He got his name because he manages a Walgreens, and it’s known that men mainly go in there to buy their M’s hygiene products…

The only announcement shares is that A-Olympics is on hold.

BOM- We all continue to pray for Abacus and his family.  For all of those affected by cancer, and for that matter, who have loss people close to them suddenly, like Grave Digger.  We asked the Sky Q for strength, and the opportunity to see through the darkness and focus on the light that we all have in our lives.

Conclusion- Don’t do this workout.

That said, I promise to bring the pain to The Mutt next week.  Water bottle free.

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