The F3 August Ruck Pre Blast

If you are tempted to ruck, here’s your chance!

If you have HCed, you may be wondering what to expect for this Saturday’s evening ruck.

You may also be wondering how we might be incorporating the honor of our police and firefighters.

You may be curious about how far we will ruck, or what (who?) we will carry…

Or you may not. Either way, here’s what you NEED to know beforehand.

  • We will ruck far
  • We will carry heavy
  • We will PT a lot
  • We will pay homage to our first responders in a unique way
  • We will drink beer afterwards
  • Here’s what to bring:
    • A rucksack with 20 lbs (if you weigh under 150 lbs) or 30 lbs if you weigh over 150 lbs). If you do not have a ruck, we have many friends willing to lend theirs to you for the evening.
      Hydration source (water bladder or water bottle) for the three hours we are gone
      Reflective bands on your ruck
      Photo ID
      $20 quitter cash (or credit card)
      Headlamp (optional)
      Phone (optional)
      Gardening Gloves (optional)
      Body Glide (very close to mandatory if you ask future you after the ruck)

    We will begin at the Willowgate Clubhouse at exactly 8pm. The address is:

    1311 Blackthorn Rd

    Louisville KY 40299

    We will end close to the starting point, so there is no need to park another car elsewhere. We plan to end at 11pm, but may be a little later.

    Once the ruck is completed, Methane is hosting an outdoor wrap up meeting (beer and bonfire)

    Reach out to F3 Louisville’s Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions.

    Again, it’s not too late to Hard Commit! Please join the #augustruck channel if you are on F3 Louisville’s Slack, or let Star Child know you are coming, via cell phone, if you have no idea what Slack is.

    Hugs and kisses,


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