BackBlast “Bag of Wrenches” Digiorno Q

Digiorno Q
10 PAX: Mayberry, Chicken Fried, Wham!, Gillespie, Fonda (FNG), Glass Joe, Tool Time, Cutlass, Scuba Steve, Digiorno Q

Wow, 1 year…
YHC wanted to do something a little different. I found the “Rocky Workout” and modified a few things to fit our surroundings.
The PAX today did our best to go 12 Rounds.
This is how we kicked today’s ass…
Round 1: 0.25 mile
Round 2:
Recommended location: grass near bathrooms
1. Saturday Nights one leg raised, 50 reps per leg
2. Squats, 50 reps
3. Derkins, 50 reps
4. Star Child Jump Squats, 50 reps
Round 3: 0.25 mile
Round 4:
Recommended location: bathrooms
1. Step Ups, 50 reps each leg
2. Ski Abs, 50 reps
Round 5: 0.25 mile
Round 6:
Recommended location: grass near bathrooms
1. Coupon Rows, 50 reps
2. Coupon swings, 50 reps
3. Single-arm rows (left side), 25 reps
4. Single-arm rows (right side), 25 reps
Round 7: 0.25 mile (modified to run across field and back, because of time)
Round 8: 50 pull-ups (modified to around 25-35, because of time)
Recommended location: playground with monkey bars
At this point, we were almost out of time. Modified to lunge walk across field and Bernie Sanders back.
Time was called.
PAX gather all coupons and ruck plates and helped get them to YHC and Wham! vehicles.

If you are interested in doing the rest of this workout, see below…

Round 9: 0.25 mile
Round 10: Walking lunges without stopping across field to fence to cul-de-sac
Round 11:
Recommended location: Cul-de-sac
1. Hills/Stairs – Sprint up/Walk down: 10 sets

Round 12: Run Back to Flag

Gathered at the flag for COT/COR/NOR.

Welcomed FNG Fonda.
Intentions and a prayer to send us on our way to dominate the day.

Digiorno ✌️💪

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