A Blue Back Blast??

I am not sure where the swimming WOs should be documented, but I thought I would offer credit and thanks for the 4 HIMs that joined me in the water. My goal was to make sure no one drowned yet had to flop out of the water at the end.

PAX: Star Child (Q), Abacus, Alexa, and Devito

Warm Up- 5 minutes of swimming

Thang 1- Aquatag- Each him do an exercise until relieved

  • Neptune Dips (dips at the deep end of the pool)
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Sprinter relieves Neptune Dips

Thang 2- Builders

  • 5 x 100’s, increasing difficulty by 25s (100 is four lengths of pool)
  • 30 second rest after last to finish each round

Thang 3- Surf and Turf

  • Due to time constraints, we used this as a cool down
  • Lunge around the pool to the end of our lane
  • Jump in and cruise back
  • R&R 3X

Thanks to the guys for joining me this morning! It’s painful not being out there in the Gloom with you guys, but having friend stop by for a dip makes it much better. I hope you feel some pain tomorrow!


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