The Rooster Backblast- Star Child’s latest failure

I failed again. But this time, I meant to fail. I meant for everyone to fail. Because we all push ourselves to the point of failure, then again, then again. Sorry to the HIMs that are attempting the 10k Merkin Challenge, because my Q certainly didn’t offer assistance with easy Merkins… Nope, I made these guys do Merkins with COUPONS on their back! I loved this (unlike my water bottle idea), and will be doing this more often. Maybe not as much as Zoo’s favorite 100 SSH, but I will include it from time to time.

19 PAX- Buschhhhh, Curly, Sir Topham Hat, Old Bay, Fridge, Wham-O, Mouth, OJ, BED, Scratch, Glen Ross, Sump Pump, Left Eye, Deuce, Tiger, Digiorno, Fergie, Zoolander, Star Child (Q)

Zoo gear- Blue Bandana, BEAST Tank, Black Shorts, MudGear socks (a must), and Solomon shoes.

COP- 5 BOYOs then mosey around the school, stopping for more a few more times.

  • 100 SSH (Zoocomplainer favorite)
  • 25 Imperial Walkers
  • 25 Crab Jacks
  • 25 Mountain Climbers

Then we partnered up and grabbed a coupon for some REAL fun…

The THANG- Push yourself to FAILURE.

  1. Coupon Merkins- Four Phase workout, as you fail, you lighten the load and continue to push yourself…
    1. Merkins with Coupons on your back, spotted by partner who is doing squats
    2. Upon failure, go to knees and continue Merkins with coupon on back
    3. Upon failure, take coupon off and perform regular Merkins
    4. Upon failure, go to knees and continue until failure (swap partners)
  2. Coupon Press to failure (other partner clap lunges)
    1. Coupon Shoulder Press to failure
    2. Upon failure, air press to failure
  3. Two Minutes of Mary to failure (other partner squats)
    1. Isolated BBSU to failure
    2. Upon failure, flutter kick
  4. Sprint Builders
    1. We lined up at the big parking lot to run across as a group, running faster and faster to the finish.
    2. 15 second break
    3. Run again
    4. Repeat 6 times

We repeated #1 and #2, then time was almost up…

2 minutes of Mary

  • Clapping Mercurys IC
  • Something else I forgot…


Intentions were made for Abacus’ family as his wife continues her battle with cancer, others continued health scares, and that they all find strength to get through the rough times. We huddled up for a shout out to the Sky Q, and I called it a day.

Thanks to the Mutt for having me over to Q. It was great to see some old faces, and hope they come to the Posh sometime soon. Maybe even Zoo can show me how an appropriate COP should be Qed.

SC Out

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