Backblast, #Incubator VQ


Two-thirds of our way around the Egg Lawn after Thang Two, Big Bird looks over and asks, “did you sleep last night?” No, sir, I did not. In fact, I set 6 different alarms, one every ten minutes between 4:00 am and 5:00 am, to make sure I didn’t fartsack my first Q. I didn’t.

Instead, I showed up at 5:10, and waited alone until Tony Malito arrived at 5:20. At 5:25, I thought I’d be Q’ing for two. Which would have been fine. Instead, 20 more HIMs rolled up between 5:27 and 5:29, like cars coming to see a baseball field in Iowa. Is this Heaven? No, it’s the Incubator.

PAX: Thumbtack, Momma’s Boy, Pork Chop, Donger, Valdez, Abacus, Methane, Big Bird, Grandpa Bear, Double Down (R), Tron (Birthday Post), Ashley, Wildflower, Crash, Little Jerry (R), Red Card (13-year-old R), Scratch-N-Dent, Tool Time, Tony Malito, Bob Ross, Glaucoma.

VQ: Yours Truly.


Mosey to the Parking Lot.

SSH, 40, IC

Cherry Pickers, 25, IC

Arm Circles (they’re called something else?) OYO

Plank Jacks, 25, IC

Downward Dog, Cobra, Downward Dog, Cobra (Hat Tip: Mr. Hat)

Thang 1.

In three groups. Group 1 doing 10 Burpees, 10 lunges, rinse, repeat, on one side of the hill. Group 2 doing 10 Derkins, 10 curb jumps on other side of the hill. Group 3 runs from one side of the hill to relieve a group on the other. Run the pattern 3X. (Hat Tip: Methane’s Thang 1 from my first post on May 2).

Thang 2.

To the egg lawn. Split into 2 groups, run a lap around the egg lawn in opposing directions. Stop and do 10 merkins and 10 dips at every bench. Drop half of that, half way through the run when VQ realizes we’re running out of time. (Hat Tip: Boozer’s Thang 2, two weeks ago).

Thang 3.

Thang 3? I wasn’t planning one of these. But I had 10 minutes left, was gassed, and didn’t want 10 minutes of Mary. So why not Mosey to the Gheens Center and Bear Crawl 50 yards across the parking lot before circling up again.


25 leg kicks, IC.

20 Weezy Jeffersons (had to look that up on the F3 Nation website).

Methane 20 Count Plank.

Ashley 20 Count Pickle Pounders, IC (Poor Mrs. Ashley).

Little Jerry 15 Merkin Count, IC, the fastest cadence ever.


Intentions for Mrs. Abacus, Weed Wacker (Vince), Pope. Told the PAX I was thankful to Diablo for posting about F3 on FB. I knew I needed something, didn’t know what that was. This is it. Ended with 22 PAX saying the Our Father in unison.

Closed it out with a Happy Birthday to #Tron.

Thanks for having me, fellas. I’m at the beach next week, and I emailed the locals to check on posting DR. And they needed a Q. So I get to do this again in the sand.

Love it. Retainer out.


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