Virtual Ruck Night Thursday April 9

I need to get out of the house, and I haven’t been on a proper ruck in too long. So, we’re going to try this. We’re doing a virtual ruck on Thursday night, followed by a virtual happy hour.  Start point: your front door. Endex: your front door. Before Thursday night: download the zoom appContinue reading “Virtual Ruck Night Thursday April 9”

Distancing at the Ruiner BB

I’m getting paranoid, and so we were very cautious. 10 feet apart the entire morning. Violet Vincent (R) Flounder Tammy Faye Baker Russdiculous Handbook Retainer (Q) Disclaimer and COP,  including SSHs, merkins, GGs, merkins, Toy Soldiers, merkins, IWs, merkins, and 2 minutes of runner stretches. Mosey to the halfpipe, 10 feet apart all the way.Continue reading “Distancing at the Ruiner BB”

Garden Fartlek Backblast 3/10

Pax: Nino, NiceNSlow, Huggies, Meter Maid, Mr Kotter, Catfish, Wide Right, Retainer QIC, Dunphy Warm up: SSHs, 10 merkins, GGs, 10 merkins, toy soldiers, 10 merkins, IWs, 10 merkins, and two minutes of runner stretches. The Thang: Fartleks. Set up cones 0.07-0.08 miles apart. Pax run sprints between cones all the way around campus forContinue reading “Garden Fartlek Backblast 3/10”

2020 reps for 2020. BB from the Bridge

Happy New Year! PAX: Retainer (QIC), Gypsy, Deep Dish, Maxi, Mr. Kotter, Dynomite, Potter, Stick Up, Sweet Tart, Lady Bird. 10 Pax got up and got after it to start the new year right. After a quick disclaimer and mosey around the parking lot, we started the main thang, which will take some time andContinue reading “2020 reps for 2020. BB from the Bridge”

Giving Thanks For F3

Happy Thanksgiving from the Second Annual F3 Burpee Football Bonanza! 28 PAX made it out for the game: Jolly Rancher, Airplane Co-Q, Gisele, Mayhem, Rice 2.0 FNG, Backflop, Spygate 2.0, Crockpot, Brown Water, Limestone 2.0, Worm, Porkchop, Valdez 2.0, Exxon , Fungi, Meter Maid, Presto 2.0, Bob Ross, Rocky, Gilligan, Double Down, Dauber, Retainer Co-Q,Continue reading “Giving Thanks For F3”

Too Late BB 11/12 from the County

Dauber Brown Water Jerry Maguire (R) Valdez Gisele Retainer (Q) Cold one this morning scared a bunch of folks away. No worries, I’ll get ya moving. Warm up lap around the lot, get the coupons, and circle up for COP. 50 SSH’s, GG’s, and runners stretches. Followed by the Thang. The Thang: 4 corners. 4Continue reading “Too Late BB 11/12 from the County”