2020 reps for 2020. BB from the Bridge

Happy New Year! PAX: Retainer (QIC), Gypsy, Deep Dish, Maxi, Mr. Kotter, Dynomite, Potter, Stick Up, Sweet Tart, Lady Bird. 10 Pax got up and got after it to start the new year right. After a quick disclaimer and mosey around the parking lot, we started the main thang, which will take some time andContinue reading “2020 reps for 2020. BB from the Bridge”

Giving Thanks For F3

Happy Thanksgiving from the Second Annual F3 Burpee Football Bonanza! 28 PAX made it out for the game: Jolly Rancher, Airplane Co-Q, Gisele, Mayhem, Rice 2.0 FNG, Backflop, Spygate 2.0, Crockpot, Brown Water, Limestone 2.0, Worm, Porkchop, Valdez 2.0, Exxon , Fungi, Meter Maid, Presto 2.0, Bob Ross, Rocky, Gilligan, Double Down, Dauber, Retainer Co-Q,Continue reading “Giving Thanks For F3”

Too Late BB 11/12 from the County

Dauber Brown Water Jerry Maguire (R) Valdez Gisele Retainer (Q) Cold one this morning scared a bunch of folks away. No worries, I’ll get ya moving. Warm up lap around the lot, get the coupons, and circle up for COP. 50 SSH’s, GG’s, and runners stretches. Followed by the Thang. The Thang: 4 corners. 4Continue reading “Too Late BB 11/12 from the County”

Jefferson Memorial Ruck

Okay, let’s do this. Saturday morning,11/2/19. 0600. We’re gonna ruck the Siltstone. 11311 Mitchell Hill Road, Fairdale, KY 40118. 5 miles out. 5 miles back. What to bring: A. Ruck with weight. 30+ pounds if you’re 150+ pounds. 20+ pounds if you’re under 150. B. Hydration bladder, 2+ liters preferred. C. Fully charged headlamp. D.Continue reading “Jefferson Memorial Ruck”

8/5 Poshy Q School

@Retainer (Q) @Iceman  (R) @Dynomite @Harbaugh @Deep Dish @Ladybird  (R) @Mark Smith (F3_Skirmish) (R) @Whitney (R) @Jitterbug (R) @Bob Ross @Gypsy @Airball @Rosie Great morning at the Incubator, today. Thirteen poshies made the O Posh trip for a lesson in Q school. We reviewed the disclaimer, cadence counts, and several basic exercises, and then got to work. COP: SSH’s, IW’s, GG’s,Continue reading “8/5 Poshy Q School”

7/30 County Fartlek Backblast

Retainer (QIC), Short Circuit, Rhythm, FNG Nemo, Buzzard, Whitney, Gump, Pew Pew, Mama’s Boy, Gilligan, Jerry McGuire, Big Bird, Uhaul, PK, Abacus. Started with a short mosey and COP with SSH’s, GG’s, IW’s, and lots of runner stretches for the main Thang. Da Thang: Fartlek sprints. I set up 6 cones creating 5 @ 80Continue reading “7/30 County Fartlek Backblast”

4th of July PB: What is Burpee Wiffle Ball?

Since we talked about it at the CTF Ruck and posted on Slack this week, everyone has a lot of questions. What is Burpee Wiffle Ball? How many burpees do you do if you strike out? How many burpees for a single? Double? Triple? HOME RUN? And what, exactly, are liquid refreshments? If you wantContinue reading “4th of July PB: What is Burpee Wiffle Ball?”

I love this group. BB from the Incubator 7/1.

Wasn’t sure what to expect this morning. I was competing against Bob Ross at North, who would pull the usual Poshies, and Diablo at Vets, who would pull everyone else. To my surprise, 16 new and veteran Poshies showed up this morning. If you don’t read anymore, know this: we had a few 6’s today.Continue reading “I love this group. BB from the Incubator 7/1.”