Viking asked me to Co-Q a ruck with him last December when OJ was organizing the 2020 Ruck Q Calendar. Why the hell not? This will be fun.

When we met at Brownies last month to plan, this guy whipped out a laptop with a list of 12 different themes and strategies for the night along with 5 different proposed maps. I don’t know how Viking’s mind works, but it’s amazing to watch. After 2 beers and a plate of hot fries, #SlasherRuck was hatched and we started prep work. It all led to a great night, sore quads, and fun memories.

Attendance: Iceman (R), Plumb Bob, Hog Tied, Tool Time, Fanny Pack (R), OJ, Viking – Q, Retainer – Q.

Folks started rolling in at 7:15. By 7:30 we had our 8 ruckers. Fewer than we’d like, but I learned why you shouldn’t schedule events during St. Aloysius or St. Michael’s events. That drove our numbers down, but we still had fun.

Disclaimer made, and we started with 10 minutes of COP and runner stretches, as I always do. Then we had to pick who would be on the first “Slasher” team with me. All Pax held their ruck sacks in front of their chests, fully extended, until failure. Plumb Bob was the “winner” (by duping Tool Time into dropping his at the “same time”). Tool Time, Hog Tied, and Iceman were on “Victim Team 1” and Viking, Fanny Pack, and OJ were on “Victim Team 2.”

Victim Teams carried weight and started toward the first “safe zone.” They carried weight and had a 5 minute head start. Slasher Team did 5 minutes of intense PT and then tried to catch the Victim Team before they made it to the safe zone. We did this for three rounds, using Viking’s maps and rules: Ruck maps[2]

First safe zone, Warren Walker Park and the gazebo at the Douglas Hills BO site. Second safe zone, Hardesty Park off of Shelbyville Road. Third safe zone, US Social Security Administration in JTown. If the Slasher caught the Victims, the Slasher won. If the Victims made it to the safe zone, the Victims won. Winners had cold beer that was hidden in a bush waiting for them to enjoy while the losers did intense PT until beer was done.

This was a blast. For Round One, the Tool Time team won, but Slashers (Retainer and Plumb Bob) caught the Viking Team before they made it to the safe zone. Punishment PT was leg work, 5 rounds each of 13 lunges and 13 copperhead squats, for 130 reps. For Round Two, both teams made it to the safe zone before Slashers Retainer and Fanny Pack made it. Punishment PT was ab work, 5 rounds each of 13 flutterkicks and 13 Big Boys.

This set up an epic finish. Viking and Ice Man were Slashers. Team one of Tool Time, Hog Tied, and Retainer took the most direct route and went for speed to beat the Slashers. We got within 100 yards of the safe zone when we heard the Slashers creeping up on us. I yelled book it, and we started running, with weight, and barely made it just in time. Second Victim Team crept in through the back, with no deaths this round. Punishment PT was shared by all in solidarity, with 5 rounds each of 13 one-legged merkins and 13 one-legged flutter kicks.

Worst part? We hid the beer at the Social Security Office near the dumpster, and it was gone before we got there. Pretty sure we made the cleaning crew’s night a little brighter.

Everyone begged to leave the weight at Social Security and not take it back to Brownies. That request was denied (see pics below). Total mileage for the night was 6.73 miles.

Got back to Brownies, COT, lifted up prayers for Riley and the kids affected by school closings, changed, and had beer, hot wings, and hot fries to unwind. Clock hit midnight, and we celebrated the fact that the SlasherRuck fundraiser for Blessings in a Backpack raised $1,400. And we learned a few new facts about Fanny Pack, the silver fox.

Great night, one of my favorite F3 events that I’ve done. Thanks to Viking for the creativity, thanks to Fanny for the wit, thanks to Ice for sticking through the leg pain, thanks to Tool Time for the speed and for introducing us to Hog Tied, thanks to OJ for inviting us to lead, and thanks to Plumb Bob for teaching me what a plumb bob is.

IMG_2992 IMG_2993IMG_2994

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