Giving Thanks For F3

Happy Thanksgiving from the Second Annual F3 Burpee Football Bonanza!

28 PAX made it out for the game: Jolly Rancher, Airplane Co-Q, Gisele, Mayhem, Rice 2.0 FNG, Backflop, Spygate 2.0, Crockpot, Brown Water, Limestone 2.0, Worm, Porkchop, Valdez 2.0, Exxon , Fungi, Meter Maid, Presto 2.0, Bob Ross, Rocky, Gilligan, Double Down, Dauber, Retainer Co-Q, Wildflower, Captain Crunchberry, Abacus, Big Bird.

Co-Qs Airplane and Retainer were introduced, disclaimer given, and we were off.

Retainer started with a church lap, 40 SSHs, 20 GGs, 20 IWs, and 2 minutes of runner stretches. Then I got everyone going with Copperhead Merkins, Shoulder Taps, and Spiderman Merkins in Cadence.

Airplane kept everyone moving with curls, shoulder presses, and merkins.

Then the team divide was made. Airplane made everyone extend a coupon in front of them. Teams were divided based on when you dropped the coupon. Props to Wildflower and Valdez for holding out the longest.

The rules were given (which Airplane changed later) and the game began. There were heroics. There was mayhem. We lost Big Bird to another knee injury. I tried to take out Fungi with a shoulder block, but he survived. Presto had 100% passing and reception completion. Spygate tackled Dauber, but Dauber deserved it. One of the teams won, but which one really doesn’t matter, mostly because it wasn’t my team. Good times were had by all.

Ended with NOR, COR, and we named Rice (after Jerry Rice, in honor of all of his completions). Then we held a circle of thanks, where PAX were invited to give share something they’re thankful for with the group. I, for one, am thankful for what F3 did for my physical health in my first year of membership and for what it has done for my mental and spiritual health in my second.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Retainer out.

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