This was special.

I returned to F3 a few times once March’s initial quarantine was lifted. And it was awesome. But over the summer, I found myself in a tough and unexpected professional situation where I had to make some very hard, public decisions related to the pandemic. And given those decisions, I haven’t felt right venturing out into public groups.

But it’s Ghost Q week, some of the restrictions have loosened, and Crock Pot reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in making a surprise Ghost appearance at the Loco. Hell yeah, I’m ready and need it. Let’s roll.

COP: Mosey, followed by 5 sets of 20 SSHs and 10 Merkins, for a total of 100/50. Then sets of 20 Toy Soldiers, IWs, and Grass Grabbers, all followed by 10 merkins. Traditional runner stretches, then ready for the Thang.

Thang One: The 10 Days of Halloween.

Just like the 12 Days of Christmas, where you do one exercise, then repeat the first when you do the second, then repeat the first and second when you do the third, etc., up to 10. The ten exercises were (1) 40 yard bear crawl; (2) 10 merkins; (3) 10 air squats; (4) 10 Peter Parkers; (5) 10 lunges; (6) 10 shoulder taps; (7) 10 jump squats; (8) 10 mountain climbers in cadence; (9) 10 Bulgarian squats; and (10) 10 plank jacks.

Between the COP and the Thang, we are now at about 300 merkins or merkin variations. Fun morning.

Thang Two: V-Up ladder. All you got sprint followed by 10 V-ups, rinsed and repeated with the number of V-ups descending to one.

COR, NOR, announcements, intentions, and prayer. I’ve missed Dem County Boys, and I’ve especially missed moments like these. Thank you Pelican. Thank you Crock for getting me back out. And thank you to F3 for having always been there, every time I’ve needed ya.

Retainer Out.

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