PreBlast #TheFog 10/31 2020

Final Day of Ghost Q week….Epic Preblast From Our GhostQ for tomorrow morning. Very Scary…..Get out to Posh and see what the hell he is talking about here, cause I don’t really know…….SYITG

10/31/20 PB: Halloween Ghost Q for TheFog at The Posh

Ghost Q for TheFog is ready to kick it old school with his string of pumpkins, trick or treat style. Where your costume, It is guaranteed to be a……….THRILLER!!

Three things you will need before you show up:
1. Gloves
2. Halloween Costume (prize awarded)
3. Read the following poem 3 times in front of a mirror………

“Darkest fog across the gloom,
The dawning hour is close to doom.
Creatures crawl in search of suck,
To terrorize y’all’s pretty ruck.
Whosoever shall be found quick,
Without the soul to pick up the six.
Must stand and face the burpee hell
And rot inside a coupon’s shell.
The foulest stench of Ace and Gary
The funk of forty thousand Mary.
And grizzly ghouls from every AO
Are closing in to share your whoa.
And though you fight to stay alive
Your Merkin starts to shiver,
For no mere PAX can resist
The evil of the thriller”

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