North Posh BB 11/18








Le Pew

Retainer (Q)

Hard weekend at the Hillbilly Half Marathon for me, easy race for Catfish. So I changed up Beastmode and went heavy on weight and light on running.

COP: 20 calf raises, 25 SSH’s, 20 IW’s, 20 GG’s, and 2 minutes of yoga runners stretches.

Thang 1: Mosey’d a tenth of a mile, lined up the PAX in a row of planks, and then did a bearcrawl back to homebase Native American Style.

Thang 2: 26 minutes of Tabata. Using the 13 rows of exercises (rope = jump rope), did 26 minutes of Tabata-style work, with 45 seconds of AMRAP per exercise followed by 15 seconds of rest. Wears ya out.

Put the ropes and coupons away and had enough time left over for 40 Big Boys.

Message this morning was focused on centering. It’s something I’ve struggled with recently, but the holidays are pushing me there. As are the PAX of F3. Thanks for having me, fellas.


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