Zoom Heavy BB

Retainer (Q), Potter, Frankenbaby, Jewel

Told everyone in the preblast to bring a light weight, heavy weight, and a bench or something else to step up on.

Started with a 5 minute COP warmup alternating traditional F3 workouts with pushups. Then did this circuit:

2 minutes each, AMRAP: (1) Overhead presses with light weight; (2) step ups with light weight; (3) curls with light; (4) dips on the bench; (5) skull crushers with light; (6) deadlifts with heavy weight; (7) left arm rows with light; (8) right arm rows with light; (9) pull ups with heavy; and (10) step ups with heavy.

Took a few breathers, so we had time to repeat it again at 1 minute each.

Ended with COM alternating between weighted flutter kicks and pickle pounders. It’s a special thing to look the PAX in the eyes on Zoom doing these.

Ended with e-COT and the Our Father. Thanks for “coming out” this morning, fellas.

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