Virtual Ruck Night Thursday April 9

I need to get out of the house, and I haven’t been on a proper ruck in too long. So, we’re going to try this. We’re doing a virtual ruck on Thursday night, followed by a virtual happy hour.  Start point: your front door. Endex: your front door.

Before Thursday night: download the zoom app on your phone and make sure you’re comfortable using it. Our Zoom Meeting Number is 623-261-085, and our meeting password is 675134.

Also before Thursday night: map a 9 mile course for yourself that starts and ends at your front door. I plan to chart a course that’s 4 and a half miles, out and back. You may want to chart a loop that gets you 9 unique miles. Or you may want to do something less ambitious, like planning a course that’s 1 and a half out and back for a 3-mile loop, and repeat it three times.

Equipment needed: fully-charged phone; earbuds; ruck with weight (30 pounds if you weigh more than 150 pounds, 20 pounds if you weigh less than 150 pounds); water bladder or bottles in your ruck; headlamp; reflective gear; brightly colored shirt; 2 beers in your fridge.

The Thang: At 1925pm Thursday night, log into the meeting on your Zoom app. Mics will be muted except for mumblechatter (we don’t all have to hear each other’s heavy breathing). At 1930, we will begin and ruck 3 miles. At mile 3, PT for 15 minutes; ruck 3 miles more and then 15 minutes of PT; then 3 miles back to your front door and a bit more PT. We will end with a virtual happy hour on your front porch and a cold beer of your choosing while posting pics from our Garmin or Fitbit apps to Slack.

Three rules: (1) Do this alone. No teaming up with buddies for the ruck (that’s a bit contrary to the point.) (2) If you pass someone on the course, steer clear by 6 feet at least. (3) Stay safe. You’ll be alone. You’re a grown man and responsible for yourself, but be safe anyway.

Hope you’ll play along. Until then,

Retainer out.

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