4/3 zoom ruckPT with Kilo Backblast

Pulled some strings last night and talked a couple DR pax into joining our zoom RuckPT. Comet and Winnebago, F3nation Ruck Qs. Parlayed that into twisting Diablo’s arm into the zoom and a surprise visit from Face. Along with mainstays jewel, jitterbug, PlumbBob, two post per day mcafee, and it’s Friday so duckling can post. OJ made it in the zoom and he promptly displayed coach Davenports crib in the background. Needless to say YHC was excited to get the show on the road.

‘‘twas leg day. Worm crushed my upper body yesterday.


  • 25 SSH
  • 15 Abe’s
  • 15 Mtn Climbers


  • 1Min ruck + coupon squat
  • 1Min ruck squat
  • 1Min air squat
  • 1Min ruck + coupon lunge
  • 1Min ruck lunge
  • 1Min lunge


  • KB swings
  • Single leg Romanian dead lift (each leg)


  • 1Min flutter kicks (coupon OH)
  • 1Min leg lifts (coupon OH)
  • 1Min 6 inch hold (coupon OH)

Upper body

  • 1Min Merkin pull through (ruck on)
  • 1Min Merkin (ruck on)
  • 1Min Merkin (slick)
  • 1Min curl
  • 1Min shoulder press
  • 1Min curl to press


  • 1Min pickle pounder
  • 1Min J-Lo

I think the zoom is catching on. It’s certainly not the gloom, but it sure beats working out by yourself. Spread the word and help make this thing grow. Aye!


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