1/17 BB from the O: Sorry about that, Starchild

QIC: Retainer PAX: Flo Jo, OJ, Pork Chop, Tron, Scuba Steve, Ship Lap, Starchild,Trump, Violet Starchild made it out for my VQ at the O today. Not realizing that the biggest impediment caused by his back injury is getting up and down from the ground, I designed a Q that ruined his morning. Mosey aroundContinue reading “1/17 BB from the O: Sorry about that, Starchild”

A Captain Infact-O Snow Ruck Black Op Backblast 1/13/19

Co-QIC: Retainer/Alexa PAX: Captain Infact-O, Chestnut, Meter Maid, Skid, Starchild We were honored this morning to be joined by a Twitter legend. Captain Infact-O is DR and joined the F3 Louisville PAX on a Star Course prep ruck. But we almost lost him at the beginning. CI told us when we started that he hadContinue reading “A Captain Infact-O Snow Ruck Black Op Backblast 1/13/19”

12 Days of Christmas at Pleasantville 12/28 BB

QIC: Retainer PAX: Grinder, Airplane, Meter Maid, Alexa, Jolly Rancher, Wildflower I learned two things this morning. First, don’t eat Mexican on the night before you Q. Second, Airplane is a head locking machine. I told him yesterday that I wanted him to show up this morning. Not only did he roll in before me,Continue reading “12 Days of Christmas at Pleasantville 12/28 BB”

12/26 BB from the Bridge

QIC: Retainer PAX: Sweettart, Viking, Gypsy, Mr. Kotter, Ladybird (R), Drive Thru (R) I said in my pre blast that we would celebrate Captain Insane-O’s birthday without him on the day after Christmas. CI challenged us to run coupons up to North Posh and back. Challenge partially accepted. Mosey to the egg lawn. COP includedContinue reading “12/26 BB from the Bridge”

12/26 It’s a Captain Insano Poshmas

CI is Qing the Mutt on the day after Christmas to celebrate his 12/26 birthday. His preblast says he’s Qing Posh, which was just a simple mistake, but the mistake unfortunately saddened all of the AO Poshies when they learned they are stuck with YHC on Boxing Day. In honor of the OG’s birthday, we’llContinue reading “12/26 It’s a Captain Insano Poshmas”

BB 12/22 Fog with Jitterbug, Retainer, Phyllis, and Gladys.

  Meet Phyllis and Gladys. P&G have been eating too much and they’re a little overweight. 60 pounds overweight, to be exact. Each. I’ve been anxious to break out the girls at Posh, and Saturday morning’s Co-Q with Jitterbug was the perfect time to do so. Co-QIC: Jitterbug (R) and Retainer PAX: FNG Wally (R),Continue reading “BB 12/22 Fog with Jitterbug, Retainer, Phyllis, and Gladys.”

12/18 Loco Birthday Backblast

QIC: Retainer PAX: Scratch-n-Dent, Ashley, Little Jerry, Jolly Rancher, Gilligan, PK, Rhythm, Cold Call, Bulletin, Viking, Catfish, Stormtrooper, Red Wagon, Airplane, Cochran, Boozer, Nino. Posh was unavailable for the official birthday party thanks to Ninoversary, but the County will do. It’s my AO away from AO, and the HIMs out there have become some ofContinue reading “12/18 Loco Birthday Backblast”

BB 12/4 Doubling Down at Tom Sawyer

QIC: Retainer. PAX: Abacus, Porkchop, Nugget, Milton, Fergie, Hall Monitor (R) (FNG). Nice, crisp morning to celebrate Double Down. We were joined by a FNG from his office, Hall Monitor. Disclaimer, explanation of what we were doing, and off we went. Long mosey to the other side of the park. Circle up. 20 Grass Grabbers,Continue reading “BB 12/4 Doubling Down at Tom Sawyer”

BB 12/1 in the Fog

QIC: Retainer PAX: Ladybird (R), Drive-thru (R), McAfee, Nino, Gypsy, Huggies, Alexa, Pew Pew (R), Ant, Mr. Kotter, Flounder, Frosted Tips, and, for a minute, PK. After November’s activities, I signed up for a bunch of Qs before the real work begins in January. You’ll be reading my back blasts at least once weekly throughContinue reading “BB 12/1 in the Fog”

Epic County v. Posh Thanksgiving Football Backblast

Co-QIC: Airplane and Retainer PAX: Spygate 2.0, Porkchop, Numchuck 2.0, Abacus, The GOAT 2.0, Big Bird, Nutcracker FNG, Crockpot, Valdez, Jolly Rancher, Meter Maid, Viking, Catfish, Airhart DR, Red Bull 2.0, Mama’s Boy, Echo 2.0, Alexa, Snowman, Fergie, Gilligan, Forced Close. The NFL attempted to showcase a few of their finer franchises. But the DallasContinue reading “Epic County v. Posh Thanksgiving Football Backblast”

9/3 Incubator Facemelting BB

Attention: Full Metal Jacket is on Netflix. Much to the chagrin of the Incubator’s Labor Day PAX, yours truly had a chance to watch it last week. And I noticed a certain exercise  during the Marines’ basic training: a burpee without a push up. That turns your normal 6-count burpee into a 4-count exercise. IContinue reading “9/3 Incubator Facemelting BB”

BB from the Rooster 8/21: Jump Ropes and 3,000 Burpees

Retainer rolled in from Posh to the Mutt at 5:15 to check out the environs. At 5:16, Old Bay squealed into the parking lot, planted the Rooster Flag, and squealed out again. Old Bay would rather run with Grinder than get a Retainer beat down. I see how it is. Luckily, 20  Pax were upContinue reading “BB from the Rooster 8/21: Jump Ropes and 3,000 Burpees”

Tank 8/15 BB: 1,890 Burpees and 5,400 yards

Insano posted an article from Men’s Health a few months ago. The gist was how members of the military are trained to maintain physical conditioning if they’re ever captured by the enemy. I thought the good HIMs of the Tank should give the workout a try, and off we went. PAX: Tony Malito, Dealer forContinue reading “Tank 8/15 BB: 1,890 Burpees and 5,400 yards”

BB North Posh 7/23 Ouch

7 strong North Poshies showed up this morning for an intense cardio beatdown. FNG Cowboy Gypsy Huggies Catfish Launchpad Viking Q Retainer Huggies brought a blue tooth speaker. Put it in my backpack, blared some Bruce Springsteen, and we were off on the Louisville Loop. Half-mile mosey, half-mile Native American flag run to the lowerContinue reading “BB North Posh 7/23 Ouch”