BB 12/1 in the Fog

QIC: Retainer

PAX: Ladybird (R), Drive-thru (R), McAfee, Nino, Gypsy, Huggies, Alexa, Pew Pew (R), Ant, Mr. Kotter, Flounder, Frosted Tips, and, for a minute, PK.

After November’s activities, I signed up for a bunch of Qs before the real work begins in January. You’ll be reading my back blasts at least once weekly through the New Year.

For the Fog, I wanted to try a few new things and a few hard things. So here it is:

Longer than usual mosey to a new parking lot for COP. 20 GG. Then a set of 21’s, which is 21 SSH with 5 counted in cadence and 16 counted silently. Everyone stops at the same time, or we do it again. We got to do it twice. 20 Hillbillies, Finkle swings, Kendra Newmans, 30 seconds of plank stretches, 10 plank jacks, and 10 mountain climbers.

Then 5 Burpees. And then 4 Burpees. And then 3 Burpees. And then 2 Burpees. And then 1 Burpee.

Then NA run to the coupon garden under the highway. Props to Mr. Kotter, Drive-thru, and especially Ladybird on the run. Ladybird is getting stronger every week.

Thang 1: Merkin coupon pass. The PAX each grabbed a small rock, 5 pounds or less. We placed them in a pile. Then lined up in a plank, elbow to elbow next to the pile. We passed the rocks down the line, doing a merkin after each rock passed. The problem was that at the end of the exercise, there was still a pile of rocks. So we had to line up again and pass the rocks back to where they started, for a total of 56 merkins.

Thang 2: Modified Ironpax Week 1 challenge. 50 squats, 40 Big Boys, 30 merkins, 20 Bonnie Blair jump lunges, then a run from the coupon garden up the Louisville Loop for about a tenth of a mile, then return. Called out three sets of these, and we finished two and a half.

Then NA run from coupon garden around the egg lawn to the Paddock.

Thang 3: 15 dips, 15 box jumps, 15 dips, 15 box jumps.

COM included the Alphabet and 20 pretzel LBC’s.

COT included thoughts for Double Down and Mrs. Abacus. Lots of announcements re Tuesday Doubledown event, 12/21 Ruck, 12/24 burpee challenge. Then 5 minutes of McAfee and Flounder demonstrating hilarious (to them) bad burpee forms. We all very much appreciated the extra time in the rain.

Pew Pew closed us out with thoughts on leadership, how F3 has helped him grow to be a better leader, and how he wants the same for Ant. Beautiful words that I couldn’t top. Ended with the Our Father, in Protestant form for our good HIM McAfee.

Retainer out.

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