Diablo #BackBlast for BlackOps at #TheCounty 12/1/18

Q: Diablo

PAX: (8) Airplane, Mama’s Boy, Meter Maid, Soccer Mom, Crockpot, Big Bird, Fungi, Diablo

Q Attire: Carl Edwards #99 Fastenal hat procured from his pit crew a few years ago; a rare short-sleeve flannel shirt I’ve had for 20+ years; GoRuck Challenge Pants; Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX shoes (had no boots worth wearing).

Weather: It was raining. Really raining. Wet. So very wet. Rain is wet.

As set forth in the preblast, I wanted this workout to have a blue collar feel. Very little rest; moved and carried heavy things; continually partnered up for accountability and brotherhood. T Claps to Mama’s Boy and Big Bird for reading the preblast, as both showed up in flannel shirts ready to work. Speaking of that, do you know that flannel can hold water? Holy goodness was my shirt heavy at the end of the workout. We really take for granted the modern gear we wear on daily basis. We didn’t waste a lot of time, as it was raining hard from beginning to end this morning. Here’s what we did:


5 burpees

30 Copperhead Squats (IC)

20 Rosalitas (IC)

10 SSHs (IC)

10 SSHs (In silent cadence)

10 Coupon Swings

10 Halos

(Yep – we used Coupons even during COP)

Thang 1

Partner Up

Partner 1 AMRAP 4×4’s

Partner 2 shoulder carry Coupon to end of lot, 10 Squats, return with Coupon, switch

3 full rounds

Thang 2

Partner Up (new partner)

Partner 1 20 big boy sit ups

Partner 2 holds partners feet in plank position.

Switch, rinse & repeat (2x)

Thang 3

Partner Up (new partner)

Manmaker / Merkin Ladder

Manmakers with Coupons 10-1

Merkins 1-10

Just as it sounds. Partner 1 does 10 manmakers while Partner 2 does 1 merkin and holds plank until Partner 1 finishes. Then Partner 2 tackles the manmakers while Partner 1 starts the merkin ladder. Descend and ascend down to 1 manmaker and 10 merkins.

This ladder was admittedly brutal. I called an audible and had PAX run a lap around the school to “rest” when all groups reached the 5 manmaker part of the ladder. After the lap, PAX finished it up. This would have been hard on a pretty day. In cold driving rain, well, it was something else entirely. But, PAX pushed each other through it and all finished. Job well done.

Thang 4

PAX circled up for:

10 V Ups with coupons

10 V Ups no coupons

10 Squats with coupons

20 IC Flutter kicks no coupons

20 IC Flutter kicks with coupons

10 IC American Hammers with coupons

10 IC American Hammers no coupons

20 Big Boy sit-ups.

PAX then returned coupons and ran back the flag for COT.

PAX all have Abacus and Double Down and their respective families in their thoughts and prayers. I said some things I can’t remember, but did ask for all PAX to reach out to others for help or a shoulder any time it is needed. We all too often stay quiet, pretending to be strong. No one reading this has to do that.

As always, I was honored to lead, and am thankful to be a part of THIS.


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