#BackBlast for Ruck at #TheCounty 12/1/18

Q: Airplane

PAX: Tool Time, Wingnut, Meter Maid, Mama’s Boy, Soccer Mom, Diablo, Airplane

PAX met at 0530 at The County to Ruck before my Q and a surefire beatdown. I’m writing this BackBlast because it was technically my idea, but we were in Airplane’s neighborhood, so he took lead, pointed out houses from which maybe I could afford to rent a room or two if I didn’t have stupid hobbies like rucking, and directed the PAX on a 5 mile rain Ruck.

Best part of the Ruck for me was checking in with Wingnut. It was 0530 on a cold, rainy Saturday. He’s a sophomore in high school. But, he was up and out, weighted pack on, and more than held his own, and even paid attention to my and Mama’s Boy’s old man jokes and stories.

Oh, by the way, Airplane carried an umbrella on the Ruck. I’m just leaving that there.


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