1/17 BB from the O: Sorry about that, Starchild

QIC: Retainer

PAX: Flo Jo, OJ, Pork Chop, Tron, Scuba Steve, Ship Lap, Starchild,Trump, Violet

Starchild made it out for my VQ at the O today. Not realizing that the biggest impediment caused by his back injury is getting up and down from the ground, I designed a Q that ruined his morning.

Mosey around the short end of the O to tennis courts. COP with 42 SSH, 15 GG, 20 IM, 30 seconds of plank, runner stretches, downward dog and cobra. Did a burpee-name-o-rama to make sure I knew some of the new O fellas, then we hit the ground running.

Thang 1: She Hate Me.

I tried this last month at the County, and it sucks. 10 jumping lunges, 10 Full Metal Jackets, 10 copperhead merkins in quick succession. Rinse and repeat 4 times. It’ll gas ya.

Thang 2: Catch me if you can around the O.

Partner up. Partner 1 starts running the O. Partner 2 does 5 burpees, sprints to partner 1 and relieves him. Rinse and repeat, all the way around the O.

Thang 3: Catch me if you can farmer carry.

Same partners. Farmer carry 2 coupons for 100 yards. Partner 1 does 15 merkins, sprints to relive partner 1. Rinse and repeat twice.

Thang 4. Circle of Coupon.

Quick movements up and down from coupon exercises to Mary. Overhead presses and flutter kicks 10 each x 2, curls and v ups 10 each x 2, left arm rows and hello dollys 10 each x 2, right arm rows and BBS 10 each x 2, copperhead squats and pickle pounders 10 each x 2.

Time, and I’m gassed.

NOR, COR, announcements (read Slack) and intentions. Thanks for having me out to the O this morning, fellas.

Retainer out.

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