Back Blast – Vincent Q @ the Blender

Although I have not Q’d at the Mutt in quite a while, it was my 23rd Q so I should not have been anxious.  However, for some reason I woke up at 2 AM and could not get back to sleep for fear of fart sacking.  When 4:45 finally rolled around I got up and grabbed the cold weather gear.   The temp was 35 degrees and just as we started, a fine mist was dropping from a gloomy sky.  13 PAX joined me for a full body coupon and running Wienke.   Sump Pump, Wham!, PED OJ, Fridge, CI, Blueprint, Snowman, Back Draft, Plumb Bob, Glen Ross, Zoolander and Sherpa showed in force.

Started with short mosey to the coupon patio for COP.  SSH’s, single leg squats, single leg dead lifts, plank jacks and merkins for the warm-up.

The Thang – 6 excercises followed by a full lap around the path – approx. 1/3 mile

  1. 1. – 30 staggered merkins – 10 left hand on ground right on coupon, 10 both hands on coupon, 10 left hand on coupon, right on ground.  2. – 21 curls – 7 low to parallel, 7 high down to parallel and 7 full.  3. 20 – OHP.  4. – 15 squats,  5. – 15 Derkins and 6. – 20 dips.    We ran through this 3 times, each followed  by a full lap.
  2. Once complete, coupons were stored and we did some Core work.  4 minutes in plank alternating every 30 seconds – hands, elbows, left arm, right arm, elbows, mountain climbers, finished on hands.
  3. Last was Mary work – 15 Davinci’s in cadence, Pretzel crunches to each side, heel touches and flutter kicks.
  4. 3 minutes left on the clock was just enough time to run one final lap back to the flag.

We wrapped up with announcements, intentions and I closed out with a prayer.  Big news of the morning if you have not hear, Holly is pregnant – ( you had to be there and HDHH to get it). In spite of the lack of sleep, it was an honor to lead this group.  Until next time – SYITG



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