12/18 Loco Birthday Backblast

QIC: Retainer

PAX: Scratch-n-Dent, Ashley, Little Jerry, Jolly Rancher, Gilligan, PK, Rhythm, Cold Call, Bulletin, Viking, Catfish, Stormtrooper, Red Wagon, Airplane, Cochran, Boozer, Nino.

Posh was unavailable for the official birthday party thanks to Ninoversary, but the County will do. It’s my AO away from AO, and the HIMs out there have become some of my closest friends in the last 6 months. Happy to join these men today.

Disclaimer, timer started at 0530, and off we went for a mosey around the campus.

Circled up. Silent count SSHs to 40. Stop at 40, or we do it again. And we did it again. 20 hillbillies, 20 GGS, and all the appropriate planking and runner stretches.

Thang 1: She Hate Me.

10 jumping lunges in cadence. 10 full metal jackets (burpee without pushup) in cadence. 10 Copperhead Merkins in cadence. Rinse and repeat 4 times.

Thang  2: Stretch the field.

Partner up. Alternating wheel barrows, Back Pax, and bear crawls down the field. At each cone, do 10 homeboy derkins (partner 1 planks, partner 2 does derkins using partner 1’s back for elevation), 10 Carolina Dry Docks using partner’s shoulders for elevation, 10 big boys. Rinse and repeat 2 times.

Thang 3: 40 burpees in cadence.

It’s my birthday. Gotta do it. Had to stop for air twice. Lots of grumbling. Love it.

Mary: V-Ups and pickle pounders until time expires.

Announcements: Friday Ruck Event, Monday Burpee challenge.

Told the PAX how grateful I was for their camaraderie and fellowship.

F3 made my 39th year one of the best. Here’s to year #40 with y’all.

Retainer out.

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