12.20.18 The Zoo V-CountyQ B.B.

There I was one mid October afternoon, scanning GQ’s Fall Fashion page, when a Slack message from Airplane pops up. So I said to myself, “self-let’s see what ole airplanes is up to.” Bad idea. Not as bad an idea as the leopard pants I was staring at….but…yeah. bad idea. Or so I thought.

Hmm. The County. Sounds far. Is that a real AO? Maybe I’ll ignore him. That usually works.

Nope. Blasted with the crickets emoji. I respect Airplane’s emoji game, and I respect him even more as a person. So of course – I was in. I was honored he’d even ask. And just assumed they needed an easy workout, and a few fall fashion tips. I can do both of those with my eyes closed.

Oh. I was down for 11/27, but was on a mini IR, so got bumped to today. All good. Here’s what went down if you weren’t able to join.

4:46am. Text from CI saying he was out with insomnia. Bummer. It happens. Sleep. No worries. I had a pepperoni up my sleeve. Pepperoni was intrigued with the County, and said he’d ride out with me IF I saw him outside his house at 5ish. He was there. I was late-ish. Let’s go.


50. No rain. But it rained. Perfect.


Saiconys everruns that need to be replaced. Went 7 inch seam baby blues with a light ‘gonia baselayer with hoodie that was royal blue. Tied it all together with aquamarine socks.

5:28 arrival. Did a little recon. Was not able to get over to the site before hand… But was able to have beers with old Bay last night, and he filled me in on all the Deets. I highly recommend that over an actual in person site recon.

Got out of my car and immediately saw a dude in neon… Holy cow Kilo came? Wait a minute… This dude looks way too buff to be Kilo… Oh hey mamas boy! Then Wham, star child, little Jerry and nugget. Lots of old faces and a few new ones. This is gonna be fun!

Disclaimer given. Asked airplane to show me the mosey. Little Jerry took the lead. What seemed like 2 miles later – LJ pointed out the coupon stash. I called halt!! I had not planned on using coupons… But needed an excuse to stop and catch my breath. So coupons it is. 3 miles later and we were back at the well lit and poshy parking lot area.

I wanted to do something ORIGINAL for the county boys. That was my goal. I measured my goal by the number of “demonstration pleases” I got after I mentioned the exercise. I got lots. I was happy.

21 Strong.

Q Zoolander


Airplane. Salmon golf shirt. Collar popped. Love.

Valdez. Pastel golf shirt. Collar popped. Love.

Little jerry



Star child

Jolly rancher

Wild flower


Red wagon


Mommas boy

Wild flower




Scratch and dent





Plank. Downward dog. Achilles stretches.

4x4s. “Demonstration please”✅

Imperial walkers

Kendra Newman’s while we counted off. 21. 😱We also got a double down update from little Jerry. Big day for him. He’s doing well. Prayers.

Sloooooooow grass grabbers

4x4s. “Demonstration please” ✅They liked these. You’re welcome.

Thang 1

Let’s introduce these boys to Ace and Gary. Everybody know what that is? Only the usual suspects that have been subjected to my Qs raised their hands… The rest looked at me like you would think they would look at me. “Demonstration please”✅

Grab a partner. All you got to the trees. About 100 yards. PAX one planks and holds pax 2 ankles. Pax2 20 big boys. Eye contact encouraged. Run back to the other end and switch. Rinse and repeat a 2nd time.

Partner merkins. “Demonstration please”. ✅ Get a new partner. Run same 100. This time pax 1 planks and puts feet on pax 2 back. Do amrap. Red wagon did 20. Not a problem. Wow. I did Less. Woof RW.!

Thang 2

Tagged 10 pax to grab a coupon and form a circle. This went how it normally goes. They formed a rhombus. Ok. Good enough. Told the non coupon guys to get in between coupon guys. 15 minutes later, and we were ready. I love that star child comes to my Qs. He’s one of my favs. And He knows that when I visit a new spot I have to introduce Ace and Gary. And he can’t do those. Or refuses. Either way- he still comes. I am happy to hear that his back is on the mend… But he is still not doing big boys. He modified, and kept going. Stud. He also got in the middle of the circle…..errr trapezoid, and helped me run thang2. Star child calls out coupon work. Amrap of whatever he says. Non coupon pax do BLIMPS. Starting at 5 for burpees and increasing by 5. When the Burpee’s were done the coupon was passed to the left. Yes. Many went to the right. It’s normal. Starchild yelled something new… And the non-coupon guys started working on 10 IC lunges. Pass coupon. 15 imperial walkers. Pass coupons. 20 merkins. Pass coupons. 25 plank jacks. Pass coupons. 30 squats. Pass coupons. The County has nver done that one before. Me neither. Worked out pretty good.

Thang 3.

Line up horizontally at a parking space. Bear crawl down 2 spaces. Turn right and bear crawl back. Recover. CrawlBear the same route. LJ got in crabwalk position. “Demonstration please”✅. Nice. Shoulders smoked.


Coupon windshield wipers

Catalina wine makers. “Demonstration please✅”

20 coupon jump overs

Then 40 more.

Halt. Return coupons. 6✅. Mission accomplished.


Announcements for Ruck, burpee challenge, and other slack stuff. Intentions for digits, for our own boys on the DL, abacus M and many others. I thanked airplane for inviting me out to the County. I had so much fun, and met a lot of great dudes. Then reminded everyone that “it’s not about you”

Help others this holiday season. I love the County. I’ll be back! Thanks airplane. Others should follow your lead.


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