A Captain Infact-O Snow Ruck Black Op Backblast 1/13/19

Co-QIC: Retainer/Alexa

PAX: Captain Infact-O, Chestnut, Meter Maid, Skid, Starchild

We were honored this morning to be joined by a Twitter legend. Captain Infact-O is DR and joined the F3 Louisville PAX on a Star Course prep ruck. But we almost lost him at the beginning. CI told us when we started that he had a fact brewing inside him that he needed to get home and pinch out to Twitter. But he agreed to continue on with us as we ruck from Posh to South Posh, beyond, and back for a 12-mile morning.

Along the way we heard tales from the CI legend. We were trained how to make capes, how to use the walkie-talkie function on an Apple watch, what Dredd eats for breakfast, and the long and somewhat strained relationship between cousins Captain Insane-O and Captain Infact-O. After 8 miles, we were sad when CI announced he had to leave the ruck and head off to Twitter to pinch off his fact.

Alexa, Chestnut, and Retainer finished the ruck. Alexa announced that we rucked 12 miles. Chestnut’s phone announced we rucked 17 miles and cured cancer. Along the way we again encountered  Stranger Danger from last weekend, who we agreed to nickname “Corleone” if he ever joins F3. Corleone is of course an Italian mobster who made his money in the olive import business. Corleone was sporting his olives again.

Honored to be among you. Truly freaked out about the Star Course. I didn’t have 38 more miles in me to ruck this morning.

Retainer out.

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