Backblast – week 2 of 4 Saturday’s- 4 churches. St Aloysius

By now, probably everybody has heard about this opportunity during the month of January. 4 Saturday’s-4 churches is a multi-denominational way for F3 members to share 3ndf in a highly impactful way by coming to church with other Pax, and for some including me, to get reenergized or recommitted about coming to church at the start of a new year.

This was the second of 4 such gatherings (with the final ones occurring on the last 2 SUNDAYS of this month). On Saturday evening, January 12, these Pax and a number of family members were among those gathered for mass at St. Aloysius:

Double Down
Le Pew
Mamas Boy
Meter Maid
And these 2.0s:
Red Rider
the Boot
Parking ticket
The Bus
the Goat

Thank you St. Aloysius church family for welcoming F3! Orator extraordinaire and St. Al member, @BigBird, spoke to the assembly for 5 minutes right before mass began. He told everyone what F3 is and how his life has changed by participating, and he invited all men to come check it out. Well done, BigBird!

From the music, to the readings, to Father’s message, to the observance of the sacred sacrament, this was a special night. A number of things stood out to me. Here are a couple that I wanted to share. On the Catholic feast of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist at the Jordan River, everyone congregated at St. Aloysius renewed the baptismal vows. We renounced Satan. We renounced all his works. We renounced all his empty promises. To me, this reminds us to avoid the dark, walk in the light. It was powerful and really meaningful.

Keeping with the theme of baptism and water, Father encouraged us more than once to remember that Jesus washes our sins away. Afterwards, I reflected how much I need this, how much we all do, and how grateful I am. It is our greatest need that we have our sins forgiven, for we cannot do this ourselves and Jesus is the only way. The older I get, the more I come to realize how essential it is to know, to REALLY let it influence how we think and live, the truth that our sins have been forgiven through the person and sacrifice of Jesus when we put our faith in Him. And not just that, but to share this faith so that His light shines through us into the darkness of this world, that others will come to know Jesus Christ.

Happy Sunday to all! Aerobie out

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