QIC: Retainer.

PAX: Abacus, Porkchop, Nugget, Milton, Fergie, Hall Monitor (R) (FNG).

Nice, crisp morning to celebrate Double Down. We were joined by a FNG from his office, Hall Monitor. Disclaimer, explanation of what we were doing, and off we went.

Long mosey to the other side of the park. Circle up.

20 Grass Grabbers, 20 Hill Billies, 40 SSH, Plank 30 seconds, Plank Stretches, Plank Jacks, and Mountain Climbers.

Thang 1:

Divide into two groups. Group 1 does a circuit of weight exercises with buckets of sand. Group 2 does a circuit of body weight exercises. One Pax carries 120 pounds of sand from group 1 to group 2. Rinse and repeat until everyone carries 120 pounds twice and does each circuit.

Thang 2:

Modified NA run returning to main parking lot while carrying the 120 pound buckets plus smaller sand buckets. Everyone takes turns with the big buckets, with squats and overhead presses at each transition.

Thang 3:

Parking lot bear crawl, following parking space lines, ala Captain Insano.

Thang 4:

Burpee circle name-o-rama.

Thang 5:

Jack Webb. Woof.

COM: 1 minute of Flutter Kicks.

Closed with a message of gratitude, encouraging the PAX to live a life of gratitude and to carry with them DD’s positive demeanor. We should all aspire to follow DD’s example, and living a life of gratitude and humility, to me, is the way to do it.

Retainer out.

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