BB: 12/1 & 12/4 (DD Black OPS) : Bayside

First, sorry for delay… life gets busy, BB should happen sooner..


Glauc Q    PAX: Fanny Pack, Charlois, Gilly, Six Pack

Knew it was going to be a rainy am, so had plans to do all stretching and most activities under the lovely portico in the back.

Mosey through the rain to under portico.

COT:  30 SSH IC, Plank Stretching into twerkins,  20 SSH, Plank stretching into twerkins

Thang 1:   Meet in the middle

“Brother” Need to breathe.. same concept that I did on convergence fall 2017.. P1 and P2 started at opposite ends of the portico, run to the middle do 6 Boo YA merkins, Bernie sanders back, do 1 burpee, run back to middle,  Repeat entire song

3 min interval work:

1 min elbow plank, 1 min supermans, 1 min merkins

Than 2: Meet in the midde

“You Say” Lauren Daigle. Same concept as above.. when meeting in the middle 5 Mexican jumping bean squats, Bernie sanders back,  2 (total) Bonnie Blair’s .  entire song

30 sec interval work

side plank hold, side plank (other side), lateral leg raise, lateral leg raise (other side), elbow plank,  supermans,

Than 3:  Meet in the middle

“standing outside the fire” Garth.  same concept as above,  Meet in the middle do 10 Boo Ya plank slaps,  Bernie sanders back, (no exercise @ end) Repeat entire song

1 minute interval work

sumo squats, curtsey lunge, calf raises, unilateral leg squats, unilateral leg squats (other leg)  (this is basically a forward lunge and staying in the lunge position and moving up and down)  .. not easy for a minute.

mosey back to flag::

12/4  :   Black ops for DD

Glauc Q:  PAX:  Banana Bread, Charlois, Gpa Bear, fanny pack, shuttlecock, thumbtack, Sadie, Birde

Great to have these HIMS come and support a true HIM in Double Down.  great to have BB and Gpa Bear back!    In honor of DD , I themed all the workouts around 10 ( when most people double down) and 21 ( the goal of hitting after a double down)

COT:  21 SSH (IC) , Plank stretching  , 10 Twerkins,  21 SSH IC

Mosey to coupons

4 corners :   series of exercises at each corner of the parking lot

  1. with heavy coups,  21 curls, 21 rows,  21 thrusters (overhead thrust)  run to 2 with mini coups
  2. 21 merkins, 21 supermans, 21 big bois  run to 3 with mini coups
  3. 21 curtsey lung with upright row (with mini coups),  21 curtsey lunge upright row (other leg), 21 sumo squat with front raise (with mini coups)  Left mini coups there for second round
  4. 21 SSH (IC), 10 burpees

run back to 1 (above ) and repeat sequence.  1 ) discussing DD and his influence on PAX and what a great HIM he truly is 2) The return of BB and how to act if you feel something is off with your health 3) the return of Gpa bear and thumbtack after and injury set back.  Listen to your body , gents

Gave a minute of silent prayer for DD,  other intentions and announcements.


Glauc OUT



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