Chopper BB 2/22

Sorry for the delayed BB. But had a blast running all over Vets with the PAX on Friday, 2/22.

QIC: Retainer

PAX: Stormtrooper, Carlos, Weedwacker, Huggies, McAfee, Kilo, Aerobie, Doubleheader (FNG), Sadie, Sweettart, Drysdale, Nice n Slow, Hot Wheels.

Mosied to the back parking lot for the COP, 100 SSH, IW, GG, planks, runner stretches.

Thang 1:

Mosied to the hill for a quick Dora. Partner one runs up the hill and back. Partner two does exercises. Rinse and repeat until you’ve completed 50 burpees and 100 merkins.

Thang 2:

Mosied to the coupons for a quick circle of thrusters, curls, thrusters, curls, left arm rows, right arm rows, and rinse and repeat all of it three times.

Thang 3:

Mosied to the circle for a Jack Webb and a Mary Webb. Lots of squeaks reminded the PAX  that they should refrain from eating Mexican on the night before a post.

Ended with COR, NOR, COT. Today was Spygate’s birthday, and I offered up a prayer for all of our 2.0’s.

Thanks for having me.

-Retainer Out

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